About Termites

Termites cause billions of dollars of damage every year, and their damage is not typically covered by homeowners’ insurance. Therefore, the moment termite damage is detected, you should seek termite treatments Fort Myers FL because an infestation cannot be mitigated without professional pest control help.


Termites are destructive pests that feed on cellulose, which is found in wood and paper products. They have a head, thorax and abdomen, so look for three body regions.

Termite colonies can be anywhere from 60,000-250,000 termites. The smallest termite colony can eat up to 5 grams of wood in a day.

Termite Castes

Tips for Customizing Your Builder Grade Home

A builder grade home is like a blank slate. Since it comes with the most basic of everything, it means you can do whatever you want with it, whenever you’re ready to spend a little bit of money. Here are some tips for some projects you can take on to add a personal touch to your standard home.

Install New Flooring

Although this is actually probably one of the more expensive projects you might undertake, it’s also often one of the longest lasting! You can install a flooring you pick out from a local hardware store, or you can opt …

Plan for Your Business’s Success by Addressing These Issues Now

As an entrepreneur, you’ve spent the past few years turning your business plan into an operational company. Now that your business is established, you need to give the following issues your attention.

Cleaning Your Facility

Your machines are so new that you probably haven’t thought about cleaning them yet. However, if you don’t regularly clean your facility, you create an unsafe working environment. For large machines, schedule an appointment with a compressed air service Jacksonville FL to have your equipment pressure cleaned. For smaller tools, use a rag and cleaning spray to clear away dust and leftover materials. Don’t forget …

Selling Your Home? Get It Ready the Right Way!

Selling your home is an exciting experience! While it can be a slightly overwhelming process to take on, there are a lot of fun elements that make it all worth it. Make your home more appealing to buyers by giving your space quick touch-ups! These touch-ups will make your home appear more desirable and can even attract more buyers than anticipated.

Start With the Outside

Revamping your front yard and general home exterior is a sure-fire way to get more eyes on your property. Keeping up with landscaping maintenance Arlington VA is a great start to your sprucing-up process; if …

How To Manage a Business in NYC

Are you starting a business in the Big Apple?  New York is known as the city of dreams. With a workforce of over 4 million people, what better place to start your company?

Build Your Team

The labor market in New York is massive and competitive. There is no shortage of talented workers to hire. Businesses should offer competitive salaries and benefits packages to attract high skilled employees. Outsourcing certain tasks to outside contractors can help keep the workload manageable for your team and keep them working on more important tasks. For example, instead of having your employee run out …