Gravel Uses Extend Beyond Pathways

Those small little rocks called landscape gravel look great in a variety of places. Most commonly used in garden beds, they have more uses than making your flowers pop. Here are some additional uses for those stones.

Water Drainage

Using gravel Washington County OR can help you drain water. Low spots can easily accumulate water creating an unsightly mess. However, replacing that low spot with gravel can help the water drain more easily. Gutter downspouts often create a mess where the water first meets the ground. Place some gravel beneath the downspouts to help minimize the effects after a heavy …

What You Never Knew About Building Materials  

When erecting a new structure, it’s common to go with wood, especially for residential construction. However, some choices offer more strength and longevity. Here’s how they compare.

Steel and Titanium

The recent advancements in alloys have made metal an excellent option for construction. You’ll want to consider titanium vs niobium alloyed structural steel, or perhaps a combination of both. Niobium alloyed structural steel is superior for framing because it is inexpensive, quick to assemble, and can support substantial weight. A titanium exterior is not only incredibly durable but develops a film over time that produces prismatic shifts in color.