Simple Space Saving Bathroom Storage Ideas

Whether it’s spacious or not, make our bathroom neat becomes a necessary.  We really need to know how to create the layout. Of course, it’s not easy especially who knows nothing about home decoration. If you find it difficult to make it true, you can follow simple space saving bathroom storage. As we know, storage becomes the key for your bathroom. You should be more creative in make things neat and easy to reach.

Create Recessed Shelf in Wall

Instead of installing multiple hook, you can think out of the box. Create recessed shelf in wall becomes a good idea …

Minimalist Bedroom Tips on Budget You Should Try

Using developer might be very helpful for home improvement. But sometimes it is not in accordance with our home interior design preference. Size of the room becomes one of the problems. Maybe you are experiencing it and looking for solutions for minimalist bedroom tips. This is indeed reasonable because decorating a room that is not too large requires special tricks. Then if you want to make your minimalist bedroom spacious, you should follow tips below.

Limit the Colour

Reducing the number of colour palettes becomes the first number of minimalist bedroom tips. Neutral or bright colours can be used as …

Tips on How to Choose Your Bathroom Curtains

Although decorating bathroom is easier, but this needs the right strategy. It’s because there are many items that must be placed perfectly including the curtain. It does look simple, but buying the wrong curtain will affect its usability. Since it makes your bathroom stand out, you may don’t know how to choose bathroom curtains. Although it is privacy, but we still need to decorate the bathroom properly. So, to avoid the curtain from appearing boring, you need to pay attention to these points.

Prefer more on Polyester

Let’s start from the very crucial aspect of the curtain which is …

Room Design Ideas for Girl to Apply at Home

Designing a girl’s room is different from a boy. Girly is a concept that is always used by many people. For those who have a daughter, you may be looking for room design ideas for girl. Although there are many references to follow, you might still find it difficult. But don’t worry because this article will help you to décor your girl’s room. There will be simple ideas to create a girly look. Do you want to know how? Here are some points you should pay attention about.

Use Pastel Colour

Colour is what really influences to make your girl’s …

Simple and Effective Indoor Garden Design Tips

Uncertain weather makes people want an indoor garden. Maybe some of you are still strange with this kind of way. But this can be a good alternative for those who like plants. No need to create the expensive one because you can make it simple. There are indoor garden design tips that can help you to own a dream garden. No need to be envy with your neighbours who has beautiful indoor garden. You also can create it by yourself according to the tips below.

Focus on One Theme

The problem that is often experienced by many people is design. …

Bored of Your Backyard? Spice It Up

For many, a backyard is just a patch of grass that needs to be mowed every so often. Why even have a yard if it doesn’t bring you joy? Luckily, there are some easy ways to transform it.

Fire Pit

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make your yard more appealing is with a fire pit. Depending on what type of outdoor space you have, there are plenty of options for every budget and landscape. If you’re feeling handy, you can dig your own. Make sure to line the bottom with a mixture of sand and gravel. If …