What You Shouldn’t Throw Away During a Kitchen Remodel

When you’re doing a kitchen remodel, you might be tempted to take a sledgehammer to everything and toss the broken pieces into the trash. However, many things in your kitchen can be recycled or reused by others instead of thrown away. Here are some things that you should never throw away during your kitchen remodel.


Sometimes you want to change out the flooring because you don’t like the color or choice of flooring material. If the flooring is in decent condition, you should consider donating it to a used home store. Make sure you remove all the nails and …

Secret Passage Ideas That Will Bring Your Home to Life

Many people have wanted to have a secret room in their house that they can go into and escape from the outside world. Secret passages are a staple in some of the most beloved pieces of media, although they are rare to find in common residential architecture. Here are some fun ways to incorporate a secret passage into an everyday home that will make your houseguests jealous (should you decide to show it to them).

Crawl Space

A crawl space is a classic example of a secret passage. Because of this passage’s compact nature, it is well suited as a …

4 Steps to Keep Your Koi Pond Healthy

A koi pond is a beautiful addition to any garden. Not only can you add attractive features to the pond, like water plants or a waterfall, but the slowly drifting fish can also add a bit of serenity to your space. Before you choose to include a pond, though, it’s essential to know the best way to care for it.

Use the Proper Equipment

To ensure your pond is always at peak condition, it’s important to invest in specific equipment. A filtration system, a pump, a protein skimmer, and an aeration pump, similar to aeration pumps for lakes, are …

Mold: More Than A Houshold Nusance

Mold is not a good thing to have in your home. It is not only unsightly but it can be a problem for health.

You may need professional help to get rid of mold. If so, make sure to get a mold assessment Pompton Lakes NJ.

What Is Mold?

Mold is actually a fungus. It is also considered a type of microbe. As it proliferates, it grows in the form of numerous multicellular filaments that are called “hyphae”. A network of mold hyphae is termed a” mycelium”. In actuality, there are many species of mold.

Mold reproduces by producing …

A Quick Guide to Water Softeners

Hard water is water that holds a large number of minerals like calcium. Overly hard water can be corrosive to your plumbing and, in some instances, can cause health problems. If you are experiencing problems associated with hard water, you probably need to install a water softener. Continue reading to learn more about water softeners and how to improve your water’s hardness.

Do You Need One?

First, you need to get a water testing kit and measure your water’s hardness level. Anything above 7 grains per gallon usually indicates the need for a water softener. To determine the size …