3 Ways To Add More Curb Appeal to Your Home

Your home says a lot about you, and the first thing that everyone sees is its exterior. Here are three things that you can do to add curb appeal to your property and wow your neighborhood.

Paint the Exterior

Is the paint on your home looking a little dull? If so, it’s likely time to put on a fresh coat. Choose a color that suits your taste and will let your personality shine through. If you want to add a little more character, paint your house one color and the trim another. You can also paint your front door a …

3 Tips for the Perfect Paint Job

Painting a room can seem exciting at first and soon turn into a great ordeal if proper measures are not taken. To ensure that your paint job turns out looking well, spend some type on the initial preparation.

Choose the Right Color

Determine what color is right for the space you are painting. For an area that you are trying to make look larger, steer away from dark and shadowy colors and choose a light color that will reflect light and open up the space. Neutral colors can allow you to have more freedom when decorating the room, as you …