3 Tips for the Perfect Paint Job

Painting a room can seem exciting at first and soon turn into a great ordeal if proper measures are not taken. To ensure that your paint job turns out looking well, spend some type on the initial preparation.

Choose the Right Color

Determine what color is right for the space you are painting. For an area that you are trying to make look larger, steer away from dark and shadowy colors and choose a light color that will reflect light and open up the space. Neutral colors can allow you to have more freedom when decorating the room, as you are not limited by a certain color scheme. If you are unsure of your color choice, try a sample on a small space before painting the entire room.

Gather the Right Materials

Painting can be a messy business, and making sure that you have the right materials is an important step in making the finished product something you can be proud of. Be sure that you have a drop cloth, the right size and variety of brushes and perhaps a paint lid press if you will be doing a large job that requires you to stop and start.

Prime and Paint

Now that you have all your colors picked out and materials gathered, it is time to get to work. Be sure that you get your surface ready for painting by priming and sanding where needed. Let paint dry completely between coats so that you can see when another coat is necessary. Be sure to use even strokes and to remove excess paint from your brush or roller before applying so that paint does not drip and run.

Painting a room can be a rewarding venture when done correctly. With a little preparation and hard work, your project can be a success.