Room Design Ideas for Girl to Apply at Home

Designing a girl’s room is different from a boy. Girly is a concept that is always used by many people. For those who have a daughter, you may be looking for room design ideas for girl. Although there are many references to follow, you might still find it difficult. But don’t worry because this article will help you to décor your girl’s room. There will be simple ideas to create a girly look. Do you want to know how? Here are some points you should pay attention about.

Use Pastel Colour

Colour is what really influences to make your girl’s room looks girly. You might think of using pink colour. But there are still other adorable colours to use. Pastel seems perfect to create a fun atmosphere. Whether it’s soft blue, soft yellow, or others, you can try it by yourself. You should not always use pink colour to make anything girly. You still can paint the wall blue even green. But make sure that they are soft and can represent your girl’s character. Then you can add girly shade to the bed sheet or the furniture. Make all of them suitable to match with the colour of the wall.


Multi -purpose room becomes the number two of room design ideas for girl. In decorate your kid’s room, you should think differently. It’s not only a good place to sleep but also to study and play. Therefore, you should make the room as comfortable as you can. You can plan of which side for study and which side to play. It’s not that difficult to do especially if you have spacious room. You can install some items like headboard decal to save the space. Don’t forget to give them their favourite dolls that match with the room.

Fun Storage

Storage is very important for any space. Your bedroom also needs to have storage. But the ordinary box will make them lazy to put things. Therefore, you can make it more interesting. You can paint the cabinet or make a different shape. You can also use a space under table or bedroom. But make sure if the storage does not look excessive. This one is not easy because you have to know well about the layout. Therefore, you can discuss it with people who are experts in this field.

Add Cute Shapes of Light

The number four of room design ideas for girl is add cute shapes of light. These days, there are already many stores that sell cute shapes of light. Don’t miss this opportunity to make your girl’s room to be more adorable. There are bunch of shapes you can choose such as rabbit, star, bear, and flamingo. But you should pay attention about the colour. Even though it doesn’t affect much on the whole room, but still you should choose the best. So, what you should do is adjust it with the domination of the colour in room. If you don’t really like with standing lamps. You can buy lights that can be hung. This will surely make the room very cute.