Tips on How to Choose Your Bathroom Curtains

Although decorating bathroom is easier, but this needs the right strategy. It’s because there are many items that must be placed perfectly including the curtain. It does look simple, but buying the wrong curtain will affect its usability. Since it makes your bathroom stand out, you may don’t know how to choose bathroom curtains. Although it is privacy, but we still need to decorate the bathroom properly. So, to avoid the curtain from appearing boring, you need to pay attention to these points.

Prefer more on Polyester

Let’s start from the very crucial aspect of the curtain which is the material. Plastic has become the choice of almost everyone. It may be because of the price and the ease of cleaning. But what if we look it from the appearance side? This is certainly not suitable for those who want to have an elegant bathroom look. Therefore, polyester becomes the right curtain material to buy.

Consider the Texture

Texture is the next thing you should think about before buying bathroom curtains. As we discussed, using a very ordinary curtain will make your bathroom looks boring. You can play with texture for your curtain. It can be in the form of embroidery or ribbon. This might sound more troublesome for you. But presenting the texture in the bathroom will make a more unique look. Your relatives will definitely be amazed by the bathroom curtain when they visit you. But don’t choose too fancy because some of the materials may not be machine washable.

Try Oversized Picture

Instead of using curtain with cartoon on it, you can be bold with oversized picture. Generally, what we often found is curtain with various patterns. Whether it’s animation characters or not, they look full. If you are afraid that your child does not like it, you still have a way. Oversized picture may help you to improve bathroom look. This could be animation character or animal that your children like. But you can buy a curtain with your kid’s favourite colour.

Try Hookless Curtain

The next idea how to choose bathroom curtains is trying the hookless. Do you often experience problems related to the hook? Whether it’s rusted metal or broken plastic. Yes, this is indeed very uncomfortable because you have to buy the new one. Well, it’s better to try the hookless one. This will be easier to install and remove.

Measure the Size

Last but not least, you should also have to measure the size. Of course, you should measure it to get perfect look. Do not let the curtain purchased is too short or too long. Maybe you can take it to the tailor and cut it. But what about the other ones? You will really have trouble. There will be also more time to spend in fixing your curtains. So, it’s your time to prepare anything well. It’s kind of investment for your bathroom even home. Even though some people don’t really care about it, you still have to décor your bathroom well.