Simple Space Saving Bathroom Storage Ideas

Whether it’s spacious or not, make our bathroom neat becomes a necessary.  We really need to know how to create the layout. Of course, it’s not easy especially who knows nothing about home decoration. If you find it difficult to make it true, you can follow simple space saving bathroom storage. As we know, storage becomes the key for your bathroom. You should be more creative in make things neat and easy to reach.

Create Recessed Shelf in Wall

Instead of installing multiple hook, you can think out of the box. Create recessed shelf in wall becomes a good idea for simple space saving bathroom storage. No need to think about where to make storage anymore because there is still space in wall. Near the shower becomes the right location to realize this. It will make you easier to take soap or shampoo easily. When it comes to saving, recessed shelf is also more practical. It’s because you don’t need to open and close the storage door. The recessed shelf itself merges well with your wall.

Make a Storage Under Pedestal Sink

The sink is the next place that can be chosen for space saving bathroom storage. Whatever the type is, there will be always some remaining space underneath which is rarely used. Well, this is a good idea to make storage under the sink. If you have pedestal sink, you can try to stash toiletries better. You can go to furniture store and find the right shape of storage. But if it doesn’t suit your sink, you can create DIY.

Install a Box above Sink

If we previously focus on the under the sink, we move on to the above. Usually there is enough space to be utilized between sink and mirror. This is a perfect area to install a box for toiletries. Whether it’s divided box or not, you should know the size and the length. Make sure that it’s skinny enough to place in your wall. For the material, this can be according to your preference. But wood seems perfect for the look and endurance.

Skinny Floor Cabinet

The next simple space saving bathroom storage idea is installing skinny floor cabinet. Same as when you install a box above sink, it needs skinny size of cabinet. It’s because you don’t have enough space to place anything you want in bathroom. So, the solution for this is you should maximize your space as precisely as possible. However, you have to pay attention to its functions too.

Install Shower Rod

For those who are lazy to create a storage box, you can try this one. Installing shower rod becomes the right choice for more practical. Even though the items we have aren’t too big, but it needs a good trick in saving. Therefore, attach another rod near the shower and add a hook. This will be helpful to place your bathroom stuffs like shower cap and body scrubbing. Hanging out them around your shower so that you can take them easily.