Pests Are Sneaky, but You Can Keep Your Home Safe

Pests are tricky, sneaky, messy little critters that can be a big problem if they take roost or set up house in your home chimney, attic, or eaves. But those little pests can also invade your castle in a way you may not even know. Here are some of the many ways you can make sure that you keep the tricksters away and protect the structure of your home from their gnawing, burrowing, and urine.

Electricity Doesn’t Scare Them

Beetles, roaches, bed bugs, ants, and even mice like to hide behind electrical outlets. It is easy to understand how the small bugs get into the wall, but you may not know that a full-grown mouse can squeeze through a hole that is just smaller than a dime. If you suspect a problem, take the outlet off and inspect the area. If there are signs of pests, contact a pest control officer immediately to fight back.

Warmth Can Attract Critters

You may have heard stories of birds building nests in chimneys, but just like Santa, other critters love to come down your chimney when the weather turns cold. If you have a fireplace but haven’t used it in several years, make sure to get an inspection before you begin a new fire. If you find some unwanted visitors, get a chimney repair Washington DC, or a chimney cleaner. So, what type of animals may want to invade your chimney? Squirrels, racoons, bats, birds, and snakes all love to cuddle in the warm bricks – so beware.

Death Is a Fabulous Odor

From dead animals to decaying food, the sour smell of rot and decomposition attracts more than just mice into your home. Rats, snakes, and any other small pest looking for shelter can often find a way into your home if they smell a delicious decaying meal within the walls or attic. Makes sure you check for signs of invasion twice a year.

Keep your home safe by looking for any signs that pesky pests have invaded your home. Then take immediate action to fight back.