Beautiful Duvets Will Keep You Very Cozy At Night

Beautiful Duvets Will Keep You Very Cozy At Night

In the mid 18th century, people needed a way to stay warm while they slept at night. Many didn’t have traditional sheets, blankets and comforters to take care of that need. The solution came in what is called duvets. Duvets is type of bedding that requires no sheets or blankets. They are a soft flat bags filled with feathers, down, or currently other kinds of synthetic fillers. It comes with a cover that is removable, sort of like a very large pillow and pillow case. The duvets originated in the European countryside.

Duck feathers or down was used for their usefulness as the best thermal insulator that was readily available. Today there many kinds of beautiful duvets available to purchase. Many people currently use sheets with their duvets, whereas originally two duvets were used on each bed, one laid directly on the mattress and the other on top with the sleeper in between.

There are duvets called nimbus duvets. These are filled with a very super-fine hollow fiber that is made of one hundred percent polyester. The fiber is encased in a peach skin feeling micro fiber that makes the nimbus duvets super cozy to sleep under.

For a long while Canada has produced some of very best goose down available. This is due to the extra cold climate that the geese have to live in. If you need a very warm duvet, then getting a goose down duvet will be one that has very sensitive properties that will completely tune to you body as you sleep. Both commercially made goose down duvets and goose down is sold from Canada to other countries that want the comfort and properties that only goose down can provide.

Duvets made today are labeled to let the buyer know its warmth rating. The rating is called a “tog.” Ratings go from 3 tod (used in summer as it has very little warmth) to 15.o togs if you need a warm and cozy duvet.

When shopping for duvets, you really need to pay attention to the tog rating. If you live in a climate the is fairly warm year around, you will want to pick a duvet with a low tog rating. If, on the other hand, you live when it is likely that you will get snowed in in the winter months, then you will need duvets with a much higher rating.

If you plan to use duvets in the traditional way, you can get two duvets, each with a slightly above the mid-range tog rating. By sleeping between two duvets, you benefit from the insulation in the same way you would sleeping in a good sleeping-bag when camping.

Today duvets are very popular and come in a variety of fillings and at a wide variety of price ranges from the expensive Canadian down filled duvet to a fairly inexpensive duvet with a low tog rating. The perfect duvet for you is the one that fills your needs and looks good doing it.

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