Gravel Uses Extend Beyond Pathways

Those small little rocks called landscape gravel look great in a variety of places. Most commonly used in garden beds, they have more uses than making your flowers pop. Here are some additional uses for those stones.

Water Drainage

Using gravel Washington County OR can help you drain water. Low spots can easily accumulate water creating an unsightly mess. However, replacing that low spot with gravel can help the water drain more easily. Gutter downspouts often create a mess where the water first meets the ground. Place some gravel beneath the downspouts to help minimize the effects after a heavy storm.

Reimagine Pathways

Tired of bringing in mud after a rainstorm? Change up those pathways to your door by putting down landscape gravel. The small stones can lay atop each other keeping your feet from touching the ground. Place paver stones then fill in the spaces around and between with gravel for a unique look that keeps shoes mud free.

Pipe Bedding

Easily access pipes set in a gravel bed. French drains and perforated pipes can take water away more easily when laid in a gravel bed. Water can filter more easily through gravel than dirt to remove unwanted water from a particular area such as near the driveway.

Flower Beds

Make those flowers pop with gravel. The small stones are popular in xeriscape using native plants in southern climates. Palms and other bushes stand out against the lighter grey stones. The roots get the water they need without accumulation as the gravel allows for better drainage.

Functional Driveway

No longer worry about having a flooded or muddy driveway. Rural homes have to create their own driveways and asphalt or concrete can get expensive. Gravel though is an inexpensive alternative that diverts water. You can walk and drive on the gravel stones rather than a muddy or dirt road. The small stones look better than a barren patch of dirt too.