Some of you who don’t know much about architecture or building design,  may be wondering what is the main duties of a chief architect? Is architect actually different from other engineers? The architect is an expert in architecture or built environment field. Many people may only know as someone who draws and designs a house or a building. But that is not the only things chief architect should do. This is as the project team leader is responsible for all the design. Even the development process of a building. So what is the main duties of a chief architect?

Interpret The Owner’s Wish

Some people who want to build their house or building may be not really familiar with the design. They only have some imagination about their dream house and building. This is the biggest duty of a chief architect to interpret the owner’s dream into the real building design. The owner will give the chief architect a list of information. What kind of building they needed and how they want their building look alike.

Design The Building Concept

Drawing the building concept is a chief architect’s job. The first duty of a chief architect is designing the building concept. The architect is not always working alone. Usually, architect works in a team that has each job description for each people. After designing the building concept, the architect will give the concept to the drafters. The drafter team will draw the detailed engineering design.

Manage The Team Works

The other main duty of a chief architect is to coordinate the team works between the building owner and the other engineers and workers. They need to explain well what the owner wants. And also how to build that building to the other engineers and workers.

Control The Project Development

In every project, this needs to control the project development in detail. From time to time, a chief architect have to review the progress from the start until the completion of the project. Check whether the materials that have been installed according to the initial design. It is also needs to make sure that the project was completed on time.