Benefits of Installing Long Panel Garage Doors

Homeowners have a few garage door options when choosing the perfect look for their home. One of these choices is between long and short-panel garage doors.

Short panels feature four rectangles across a single-car garage door, while long ones feature two longer rectangular panes per section. They are an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a sleeker, more contemporary design.

Energy Efficiency

Long panel garage doors offer a sleeker, more spartan appearance. These door designs feature more expansive rectangular panes that make up each four-foot section, compared to short panels, which use two smaller rectangles per four-foot section.

These long panel garage door Apple Valley are well suited to modern homes and provide a clean, classic look that complements other property design elements. They also add value and curb appeal.

Insulated garage doors are more energy efficient than uninsulated models. They block the transfer of cold or hot air into your home, reducing energy bills.

A professional installer will ensure that your new garage door has proper insulation and is properly sealed to prevent air leakage. Air leakage leads to higher heating and cooling costs and can cause the metal components of your garage door to warp or break.

Curb Appeal

Your garage door is a big part of your home’s curb appeal. That means it can significantly impact whether potential buyers find your home attractive and desirable.

There are a lot of different panel designs for garage doors, so homeowners have plenty of options to choose from. Short panels have two rectangular panes spanning each four-foot section of the door, while longboards have wider rectangles and offer a sleeker, more contemporary look.

Other panel designs include carriage panels, which feature trim boarding in more intricate patterns and decorative hinges and handles to give your home a rustic style. Raised panels add depth with inlaid designs, while recessed panels provide homeowners with a cleaner look without taking away from the performance of their garage doors.

Sectional garage doors open vertically rather than swinging out, saving space and allowing you to drive right to your home’s front door. They also come in various window options, materials, hardware, and colors.


A new garage door is an extra barrier to trespassers and thieves looking for easy access to your belongings in the garage or car. Older garage doors are less insulated, allowing road noise to enter your living space. A new playback insulated door will keep your family comfortable while reducing outside noise.

If you have a tight driveway or are limited in storage space, long-panel garage doors offer a more compact option than shorter panels. They feature expansive rectangular panes on each section and can work with any home style.

They also require fewer moving parts than their more complex counterparts. That translates into lower costs for installation and repairs. They also have improved safety features, like better sensors that detect if something is in their path and automatically reverse the door. That can help prevent injuries and property damage. This is especially important if you have young children in the house.


Long-panel garage doors are more expensive and require more maintenance than short or no-panel options. This is because long panels are more comprehensive rectangular sections of a door that need to be assembled with more parts, such as rollers and tracks.

They also come in two styles: raised or recessed. Raised panels give your garage door a Hershey’s chocolate bar look that adds depth to its surface, while recessed panels offer homeowners a less-busy design.

Beadboard panel garage doors are another style that pairs well with various home designs. These doors have evenly spaced ridges and grooves, giving your garage door a classic, vintage look. Maintenance for beadboard garage doors is relatively simple and includes wiping down the sensors regularly to ensure they are clear and clean. This is necessary to provide the garage door can continue functioning properly and prevent accidents if the sensor is blocked or misaligned.