5 Benefits of Investing in a Pool Cover for Your Home

A pool is a substantial investment for a homeowner. It requires constant care and maintenance. Investing in a pool cover is one way to protect your investment.

It also helps reduce energy costs, stops water evaporation, and reduces the need for chemicals. A pool cover is a smart choice for any homeowner.

Keep Debris Out

Keeping out twigs, leaves, toys, and bugs can save you time and money when cleaning your pool. Plus, it prevents them from getting into the water and forming algae that can be difficult and expensive to get rid of.

You can choose between a solid or mesh cover to remove debris; most covers are easy to install. For a more convenient option, opt for an automatic safety cover that can be opened and closed using a key switch or touchpad.

Reduce Water Loss

A pool cover reduces water loss from evaporation, so your pool’s chemical levels will remain more stable. This saves you money on energy bills, chemicals, and cleaning products.

When a pool is open, things like leaves, dog toys, bugs, and other random debris blow into the water, and you have to spend time vacuuming up this stuff when you want to swim. A cover keeps everything out, so you’ll have a much easier time when you want to dip.

These pool covers Orange County are typically either a solid or mesh material. They can be manually operated or run automatically. Manually operated surfaces require regular maintenance, such as greasing the rope reels and sliders. Automatic covers have tracks, a motor, and a drive system that make them operate at the push of a button.

Save on Chemicals

A pool cover keeps out twigs, leaves, toys, bugs, and other debris that collects in the water and can affect the chemical balance. This means less time cleaning and more money saved.

It also reduces the chemicals you must use since UV rays degrade chlorine and other chemicals. Plus, a safety cover reduces the runoff water and soil that goes into your swimming pool, which can help prevent algae growth.

A basic mesh safety cover is made of polyethylene and two-ply mesh material, which lets rainwater and snowmelt pass through but fends off falling leaves and other debris. It has brass anchors, stainless steel springs, and a storage bag to keep everything organized.

Keep Your Pool Looking Great

An uncovered pool will quickly collect dirt, leaves, toys, and bugs that can be hard to remove. This makes it harder to keep the water clean, which will cost more time and money in cleaning costs.

A cover also prevents evaporation, saving energy and reducing heating costs. Pools lose millions of gallons yearly, but a body can eliminate much of that.

A safety cover can remove heavy debris, such as fallen tree limbs, which would otherwise contaminate the water. It can also prevent children and pets from drowning. There are mesh and solid safety covers, which are available at a variety of price points. The best choice depends on your budget and the amount of winter maintenance you are willing to do.

Increase the Value of Your Home

While adding a pool is expensive, it can add value to your home. But the type of pool you install and your location are important factors in determining its resale value.

A solid security cover can increase your resale value by protecting your investment from unwanted debris and saving energy costs by reducing evaporation. An electric heat pump can also help reduce energy costs by pulling the heat from the air instead of heating your pool water.

While the intangible benefits of a pool are hard to quantify, buyers may be deterred by ongoing maintenance, insurance, and other costs associated with the property. However, if your community supports a pool lifestyle and you maintain it well, it may significantly boost your home’s marketability.