How To Boost Your Small Business’s Community Support

Do you want your company to focus more on helping others? Are you interested in supporting a cause but aren’t sure how to make that happen on a small business budget? Groups of all sizes can work to make a difference in their local areas, and it doesn’t have to involve a lot of money. If you’re eager to branch out more, consider the following four strategies.

1. Host a Local Drive

If you know of an organization in need, consider asking what tangible goods they require. Then, set up donation stations in your office. Advertise to your customers and those who live around you, encouraging employees and nearby residents to drop off donations.

For instance, many food banks need items throughout the year. These organizations may require more provisions during the summer months, especially with kids out of school and needing more meals and snacks at home. The month of May would make an excellent time to request canned and boxed goods to restock shelves.

2. Determine Your Giving Amount

Your company may want to provide a monetary gift to some charities; however, before you write a check, you may want to consult professionals that specialize in financial planning for small business owners. These experts can assess your current status and determine a solid budget for these offerings. Use that number to help divide up your aid throughout the fiscal year.

3. Plan a Community Event

Work with another group or two to host a fundraising event. It can be a fun pizza night out for families, wine tasting or even a 5k race. When you collaborate with other venues, the cost may decrease. You can get the word out about a cause and enjoy the opportunity to support a worthwhile charity.

4. Devote Time for Employees To Volunteer

Pull out a calendar and set aside an afternoon every couple of months for your workers to assist with a volunteer activity. They could help fill food bags, clean up the side of a road or tutor children at a local school. Prioritize things you believe are essential, allowing your team to get to know others and make a difference.

Your small business could make a big dent in your community, providing essential goods and support to those in need. It doesn’t have to take a lot of money. Consider several options such as donation boxes, group volunteer time and fundraising events.