Creating a Warm & Inviting Room

Creating a Warm & Inviting Room

Creating a Warm & Inviting Room is like Putting a Puzzle Together Don’t you love it when you walk into your favourite room and it feels and looks great, the energy is soft and inviting, everything just flows, and you love spending time there? What? You don’t have a wonderful room like this?

With today’s busy world it is so important to have a room or space in your home that feels wonderful and special to you. Putting a room together is like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. You have all the right pieces but it’s how you put it together that gives you the satisfaction of having a beautiful room. 4 Critical Strategies for Your Special Space First make sure the colour reflects the desired mood. For my wonderful space, I have chosen a neutral green; my life is so busy that I need a space where I can de-stress, so having neutral colours on the walls helps me stay calm.

Next you need to have comfortable furniture. Whether it is sofas or yoga mats, the furniture has to match the purpose of the space.

Lighting is also very important, especially if you are reading. I prefer to have a tall lamp that shines down on me instead of having to lean towards a coffee table lamp, which is not always the most comfortable position.

Next my favourite part is bringing in accessories. This can be anything that you love: pictures of loved ones, paintings, great smelling candles, different items you have picked up on your travels…Anything that makes you smile!


o Creating your space when it is a small room. The longer your eye can travel without interruption the more spacious it will feel. This space can be any room. For example if you love to take baths, make it feel more like a spa use darker colors on the wall, with candles, thick and luxurious towels, a little space or basket for you to put your bath salts and lotions in and of course a place to put a tea or glass of wine while you soak. A bathroom is also a great place to put a dimmer switch to create a wonderful ambiance.

o The rule of thumb for color in a room: 60% is wall color, 30% is furniture fabric color and 10% is accessories and you must have three items in order for it to be considered an accent color. It does not matter if you want bright bold colors or less intense neutrals it’s what works for you at this time in your life!

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