Building Materials – It’s Hammer Time!

Building Materials – It’s Hammer Time!

As spring fast approaches, my thoughts quickly turn to another full season of DIY projects and home renovation ambitions – much to my wife’s’ dismay. I love the thought of completely transforming a room or building an addition on my house – my wife likes the thought of living in a dust-free home without the constant noises of power tools and hammering.

So, how do my wife and I come to a compromise? It’s simple really – I visit her parents for 10 days in the summer and as a reward for my good behavior, I get to tear the house apart and put it all back together again! Okay, so it takes a little more smooth talking than that, but the one important thing we always agree upon is the vision of the finished product. In order to get on the same page with the desired results we both agree on the types of building materials I’ll use to make the dream a reality.

Building materials can essentially make or break your DIY dreams – If you’re not using the correct materials to do the job, your results will most likely not live up to your expectations. In saying that, you don’t need to spend a fortune on building supplies, you just need to be sure how to work with them properly and understand the limits of your skill sets. If you buy really expensive ceramic tiles for a new kitchen back splash, but have no idea how to install them, the cost of the materials will hardly be worth it if the end result appears to be amateurish and unsightly.

It’s important to start with a clear vision of your desired results and to choose quality building materials to make that vision come to life. Not all home DIY projects will be the same, some will only involve minor alterations and quick fixes, while other projects may be more extensive and precise – like installing new shingles on your roof or refinishing your kitchen cabinets. Both projects will require your keen attention to detail and they leave little room for error – especially the roof, as a leaky roof could be the direct result of poor building material choices or improper installation.

Many of the big box stores that retail building materials will often have knowledgeable staff that can assist you in choosing the right building materials for the job; they can also possibly show you how to use the materials and supplies properly, in a step-by-step manner.

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