How To Make Your Own Recycled Art Hanging Garden

How To Make Your Own Recycled Art Hanging Garden

Being into recycled art, I love this idea on how to use those old shoe caddies. Any way that we can save things from being thrown in the landfill, we’re all for it! This is also a perfect idea for someone who doesn’t have a lot of yard or space for a garden, or has poor soil quality.

You will need:

hanging shoe caddy, made of fabric

various herbs, veggies or plants

potting soil

an awl to poke holes

rod and hooks to hang

When you purchase your hanging caddy, count how many pockets it has and choose that many plants. Before planting your plants, check the drainage of the pockets by pouring in some water and watch to see if it drains. If it isn’t draining, use your awl to poke a few holes for drainage.

Once you have chosen your location, use a dowel or rod to thread through the hanging loops and secure firmly to your desired location. You want to secure it because it will be bearing more weight with the soil, plant and the water. You will want to give it as much support as possible.

Now you are ready for your soil. It is helpful for drainage if you put a few small stones in the bottom before you add your soil. Add a mix of potting soil and compost and fill the pockets, leaving about an inch at the top.

When choosing your plants, think of what your theme will be… will it be all herbs? All succulents? All edibles? Usually these caddies have between 12 and 16 pockets. Here are some ideas for planting and planning:

Leave the bottom row open for tucking in gloves, tools, seed packets, etc

Make your own nametags for each plant and hang on the front of each pocket. Print on cardstock from your printer and laminate to make them waterproof.

Make a rainbow! Use the top row for red & orange plants, the middle for yellow and green and the bottom for blue and purple flowers.

Grow it patriotic! Use the top row for red flowers, middle for white blooms and bottom for blue blooms.

Make it edible! Use veggies, berries, strawberries and eat right from your garden station

A�Avoid top heavy flowers, like sunflowers, mums, etc. Instead choose low growing blooms such as daisies, spider plants, pansies, violas, alyssums and trailing plants such as mint, charlies and ivy.

In the off season, remove caddy and bring indoors to use the caddy to keep tools nice and dry and store unused seed packets for next season.

Check out thrift stores or dollar stores for affordable caddies!

Now you will have a unique piece of recycled art, and save the Earth as well!