3 Critical Areas to Focus on for Home Decorating

3 Critical Areas to Focus on for Home Decorating

Home interior decorating is an art form, as well as an exercise in creating a functional and well maintained home. With interior decorating it is possible to restyle a home and breathe new life into its walls. Value can be added to a home by replacing wallpaper, re-painting, and investing in new hardware. Through the use of color, shape, and style, a home can become stunning and something to brag about. With a little bit of planning, a room can be overhauled on a budget by remembering a few home interior decorating tips.


It is easier to change a room by starting with the walls first. Paint is relatively inexpensive, and repainting the walls of a room is a cost effective way to create an extreme difference in the appearance of a room. Paint is easier to apply before taking any other steps in the interior decorating process. Painting after furniture has been moved in or after new floors are installed is very challenging, and is an unnecessary hassle. By starting with the walls first later complications are avoided.

Floor and Carpeting

Tearing out old carpet and replacing it with new carpet is one part of the interior of a home that can create a drastically changed atmosphere. A low cost interior decorating idea is to utilize closeout prices on carpeting or flooring. When a manufacturer goes out of business or discontinues a line of product, great discounts and sales on material can be found. A person redecorating their home may be able to find carpet which has almost sold out and only limited, small quantities remain. This carpet may not cover a large room, but it would do for small spaces, and leftovers are sold at cut rate prices.


Furniture can be resurfaced and given a new look. Re-facing furniture saves money, and new colors can be introduced with only a small amount of time and paint. The inclusion of curtains, framed pictures, and rugs are important elements of a beautiful home interior. Furniture can be arranged to best utilize the space of a room, and to create an attractive setting. Rugs can become points of interest, and picture frames of loved ones can balance out the look of a wall.

Home interior decorating is easy when homeowners combine color, furniture, and the physical structure of their home in a way that meshes visually and allows for a comfortable environment.…

3 Fall Ideas to Improve Your Garden Soil Next Spring

3 Fall Ideas to Improve Your Garden Soil Next Spring

If you want to improve your soil’s condition for next summer’s garden season, fall is a great time to start. Here are three great ways to get started improving your soil for next summer.

1. Pile leaves on your garden, then dig them in lightly with a shovel, and water everything down well. The leaves will mold and rot over winter into a great soil enrichment by spring planting time.

2. Plant a cover crop. Fall is a great time to get a cover crop started before snow sets in for the winter. It may not grow too much this fall, but it will be set and really take off in the spring when the weather starts to warm up.

Some great cover crops to plant in the fall include, winter barley, clover, buckwheat, oats, hairy vetch, and field peas. If you can’t get them in the ground now, don’t worry, you can still get an early start in the spring.

Next spring mow your cover crop a couple times before turning it into the soil and continuing with your spring garden planting.

Besides improving your soil a winter cover crop helps prevent erosion, feeds important soil organisms through the winter, and helps suppress weeds. most importantly a cover crop can add valuable nitrogen to your soil that will help your summer garden grow.

3. Layer on the compost. Do you have a pile of compost you’ve been cooking all summer? Now is a great time to add it to your garden. The winter freezes and thaws will help work the compost into the soil. If you empty it out now your compost bin will be ready to fill back up through the winter for another batch of golden compost in the Spring.…

Home Interior Design Plans For the Elderly Person’s Bed Sit

Home Interior Design Plans For the Elderly Person’s Bed Sit

Having an elderly relative living in your home can often benefit the whole family. The cost of professional care is becoming beyond the reach of many and, for the older person, living with an extended family can provide continued interest, security and the best possible care. The accommodation of an older family member within the home, it has to be admitted, is potentially fraught, but with some thought and patient planning it shouldn’t be too disruptive.

Home Interior Design Tips For Elderly People

The room you choose for the older person will, ideally, be at ground level so as to minimize difficult journeys and should if possible allow space for more than just sleeping. If it also has a large window with an interesting view, this should make your decision easy. The provision of areas for relaxing, bathing, cooking and dining will allow the senior citizen to remain active and somewhat independent from the rest of the household – a situation that is likely to suit both parties.

Dividing these areas of activity (by employing screens, curtains or items of furniture) is important for the occupant so that he/she can appreciate the changes in his/her day and can entertain without private areas being on view.

Designing a room or bed-sit for an older person is best achieved by placing yourself in that person’s shoes and by thinking through how to compensate for the possible limitations imposed upon their lifestyle. You don’t want to be too pessimistic, but it also pays to plan for days when the person’s capacities could be reduced. Some of the more obvious provisions are:

A comfortable, easy access chair for the room occupant and seating for guests.

Bright lighting to help cope with failing sight. Wall and ceiling-fixed lights plus well-weighted table and floor-standing lamps are suitable. A switch by the bedside is helpful, as is a low-wattage light that can be left on overnight. Remember to highlight any changes in floor level. Perhaps also consider positioning sockets and switches nearer to hand height.

Warmth – older people generally like (and need) warmer room temperatures than the young. Central heating radiators and open fires need to be easily accessed and controlled and suitably guarded.

Storage at an easily accessed level and with openings that are not too difficult to operate.

The elimination of all sharp comers for safety reasons, and the removal of any electrical cables that could be tripped over. A smoke alarm is another wise precaution.

In the bathroom, it’s a good idea to install grab rails around the bath and/or shower and perhaps a lockable mirrored wall cabinet. You might also like to consider fitting an ‘engaged’ door sign rather than a lock. Mixer taps and an electric temperature controlled shower will help better manange water temperature.

Curtains on a corded track, operated from the side, to ease opening and closing.

Non-slip floor covering and well-attached loose coverings. A fitted carpet of the type that can be easily cleaned is ideal.

The decoration of the room in a familiar style (most likely to be traditional) and the incorporation of existing possessions will help to make the elderly person feel quickly at home. Inviting them to make decoration choices will involve them further. Pretty patterns and cheerful colors will do much to lift their mood and the addition of plants and even a pet will bring life to the room.

In addition certain electrical gadgets, such as remote control for lights and curtains, could well smooth the life of an elderly person.…

Amazing Tips to a Naturally Beautiful Garden

Amazing Tips to a Naturally Beautiful Garden

People always look for ways to improve the beauty and quality of their surroundings. There is nothing better than greens when it comes to natural beauty. So gardens play a vital role in increasing the beauty of a house or a park. But it’s not easy to maintain a garden. You’ll have to look into quite a bit just to plan one. This may involve choosing the right plot of space, exact width and size, proper soil and decent water supply. Even when you get through these hurdles, there can still be quite a bit that can get in the way of some landscaping ideas for gardens. Therefore, doing proper maintenance at certain intervals of time is very important. And if you stay open to different kinds of garden planting ideas, your creativity should spark all kinds of designs.

Ideas for an ideal and proper garden start with choosing the correct spot. You have to make sure that the plot of land doesn’t have any obstacles that block the view if you want to keep it for public display. The type of soil is also crucial. Several flowering plants will not do well in specific types of soil. So choosing plants accordingly is probably the best precaution when implementing all of your planting ideas. If the soil isn’t right for your plants, you may have to choose a different spot or plant only selected plants and flowers which will grow well in any turf.

Next, when planning out all of your garden planting ideas, you need to decide which flowers are to be planted where. This is so that you can have a great pattern of flowers and plants that will suit your ideas for home decorating. Small plants can be planted in a random order to fill out any free spots. It is always better to plant a specific species of flowering plants together with their own type rather than mix up a number of species. This way the natural beauty of the flowers can be displayed at their best. To separate the species, a small partition of mud or stones can be used. This will also add to the beauty of the garden.

Probably some of the best garden ideas out there make great use of lawns. This small patch of green grass will emit natural beauty and also makes the garden floor soft and smooth. This would be great for taking a stroll through the garden after a stressful day. One problem with this though is that they tend to grow very fast, and therefore need a lot of attention and maintenance when compared to many other landscaping ideas for gardens. You can always make use of lawn mowers to keep them at bay provided the fact that there is enough space for the mower to move around freely.

When looking for good garden planting ideas, we must always consider a proper water source. Since water is essential for every living being on this planet, it wouldn’t hurt to build a small water storage area near the garden such as a tank, so that you can easily water your garden every day. Through these and many other creative garden ideas, you can get the best out of your landscape design.…

White Interior Design – Great White Bathroom Ideas

White Interior Design – Great White Bathroom Ideas

White is the go to color when it comes to home interior design; however, as many homeowners know, an all white bathroom can quickly become boring. This neutral hue is a safe bet when it comes to decorating, but you do not want it to define your bathroom’s personality. Whether you are operating on a small budget or are looking to completely overhaul your bathroom, there are several decorating options you have to choose from to enhance the appearance of your bathroom without detracting from its white on white color scheme.

First and foremost, you are going to need to take the color of your walls into account. Even in an all white bathroom, the walls do not have to be painted a stark white color. The color white is actually available in a number of different hues, from frost to cream. You might wish to consider painting the ceiling the same shade as the walls to create the cozy feeling of being in a “cocoon”. Likewise, you can use a Venetian plaster treatment on the walls of your bathroom to create an element of visual interest.

Well chosen, soft furnishings are going to be a necessity for your all white bathroom. Wicker is a popular material for bathroom furniture, and it is available in multiple shades of white and earth tones. Likewise, you should look for window treatments, bath towels, and area rugs that are constructed from soft and airy materials. You could even look for rugs that are constructed from woven bamboo to introduce more texture into your bathroom. The soft, earth tones of the rugs will nicely complement the white on white d?�cor of your bathroom.

Did you know that the tiling of your bathroom can be used to introduce elements of visual interest in a white on white bathroom? When you are decorating a white on white bathroom, you do not have to look for understate white or rectangular tiles. Instead, try looking for opaque white or glass tiles. Mirrored tiles can also be used to create an interesting backsplash, frame a mirror, or to create an interesting tub surround. The reflective surfaces of these tiles will make your bathroom appear to be larger than it is.

No bathroom would be complete without an infusion of your personal style. You can add personal touches to a white on white bathroom through the use of decorative glass, woven baskets in earth tones, or by infusing live plants into your bathroom. In particular, orchids are an ideal plants for a bathroom, as they thrive off of the humidity in this environment, and the pop of color they provide will not compete with the white on white d?�cor of your bathroom.…

4 Ways To Dress Up Your Rooftop Chimney

When you’re improving the appearance of your home, one area you probably never thought of is your rooftop chimney. Chimneys are in plain sight and can be exquisite structures if you know how to dress them up. For a unique way to make your home stand out, here are four ideas to show off your chimney.

1. Add a Copper Chimney Cap

Copper’s beautiful color makes it easily one of the most recognized metals in existence. If you’re crazy about copper, adding a handcrafted copper cap such as the Rockport Haubstadt IN will set your home apart. Copper caps protect and improve the function of your chimney, plus they’re simply gorgeous!

2. Update Your Screen Cover

If you already love the look of your brick chimney but want additional protection, update your screen cover. Chimney screens come in many different styles and protect against large embers exiting the chimney and causing a fire. They also prevent animals and birds from getting inside. Screen covers are made from aluminum, steel and copper.

3. Put Up a Weathervane

One of the most beloved adornments you can put atop your chimney is a weathervane. Weathervanes come in all sorts of whimsical designs from dogs to ducks and of course, the classic rooster! Remember when looking at a weathervane, it always points into the wind!

4. Install New Flashing

Your chimney must have metal flashing around its base to protect it and your roof from water damage. However, this flashing doesn’t have to be boring! Base flashing in copper is stunning and looks attractive when you match it with a copper chimney cap.

When you’re searching for interesting ways to improve your home, look at your chimney. By adding a copper cap or installing a fun weathervane, you’ll get your home the attention it deserves.

The Top Reasons to Use Mulch in Your Landscape Design

Having a freshly mulched lawn not only looks great, but it offers several benefits, too. Are you interested in learning more about what mulch offers and why it is a smart investment for your landscape? If so, keep reading.

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the top reasons so many gardeners use mulching services Cincinnati Ohio is because of its aesthetic appeal. Mulch can help set your lawn apart and protect the garden and plants in the beds.

Retains Moisture

Mulch serves as an insulating barrier against heat, wind, and evaporation. The mulch application will ensure moisture remains in the soil and reduces how often and how much you have to water. This will help your established plants become more drought tolerant and help ensure the success of newly planted trees and shrubs.  

Regulates Soil Temperature

Some of a plant’s feeder roots, which handle all the nutrient absorption for the plant, will grow just the first few inches beneath the soil’s surface. The roots will stay healthier if they are not exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Adding a layer of mulch can serve as a buffer against any changing temperatures.

Additionally, the sun’s heat may start to bake the exposed soil. This can form a crust that prevents water from getting under the surface. Snow will provide protection when the temperatures drop, but if you don’t have mulch in place, sustained freezing temperatures or overnight frost can damage or kill the feeder roots.

Adding Mulch to Your Landscape

Mulch provides several benefits to your lawn and garden. Be sure to keep the information here in mind, which will help you see why this is such a smart investment. Just make sure you change and add to the mulch as needed to ensure it can continue providing the quality protection needed. …