10 Gardening Ideas You Can Use This Weekend

10 Gardening Ideas You Can Use This Weekend

If you’re wondering what to do with the garden, or want to make more of it, or need to spend less time maintaining it, then you might already know what you’re going to do. If you’re got no idea, perhaps these ideas will inspire you.

1. Get the children involved. Why not share the work with your children, and keep them interested. They’re sure to appreciate their own patch of garden, or take an interest in making sure their pots of seeds grow.

2. Why not grow your own fruit and vegetables? It doesn’t have to involve a lot of room, and the end produce will be much nicer than from the supermarket, and you’ll have the added satisfaction that you grew it yourself.

3. Remember to be aware of your space limitations, and make the most of your garden. You might have grand ideas about water features and mirrors, but if your garden is too small, it won’t work. Decide on what sort of things will work in your garden.

4. You should also find out what sort of plants will grow in your garden. You don’t want to blow the budget in a garden centre, or with an online plant supplier, only to discover that the plants you’ve bought aren’t suitable for your garden.

5. What about setting aside areas for your children? Which child wouldn’t want room for slide or trampoline, or a swing or a slide? They’re sure to want to spend more time in the garden too, which will get them out of the house and away from the TV or computer.

6. You could easily add a play area, or a sand pit for your children so that they somewhere to lay, or perhaps you’ll want somewhere to store their bikes and other outdoor toys.

7. You’re new garden layout needs to be easy to manage so that you’re not spending so much time keeping it tidy. You want to be able to enjoy your garden, and have it work for you, not the other way round.

8. Your garden will need to be laid out so that it is easy to use. You’ll want to make sure that the children’s areas are accessible and that the barbeque and washing line can be used without too much disruption.

9. What about having additional rooms or storage areas in your garden. Could you use a shed, a home office or a garage? Would the children be pleased with a playhouse?

10. However you design your garden, there will be plenty of compromise involved. What might be important to you, might be completely inappropriate for your children, or impractical in reality. You might have to scale down your plans for a garden-show winning design, and focus on what will work best for you and your children.

Now you know what sort of things you can do to improve your garden, why not put some of these gardening ideas into practice?