3 Jobs in News That Don’t Require a Background in Journalism

Print newspapers aren’t as common as they used to be, but many of them remain in circulation. Many of the papers have gone to online-only subscriptions but still remain active in their reporting. News organizations require a lot more than journalists to remain in operation, so if you have an interest in working for the news, here are three jobs in the journalism industry that don’t require a journalism background.

1. Maintenance Crews

For those papers that remain in print, whether it’s daily or weekly, maintenance teams are crucial to the operation. Newspapers use giant machines to print that many papers all at once, and they can’t risk any of those machines going out of order. Maintenance crews will make sure the moving parts are functioning properly and will use press cleaners to keep excess ink from gumming up the machinery.

2. Advertising Representatives

Advertising is central to news organizations remaining in operation. While many newspapers require subscriptions to stay in operation, even those that require subscriptions typically use advertisements to bring in much of their money. This is why you see so many ads in print newspapers. Dedicated teams of salespeople will reach out to potential advertisers to secure deals, and they will also help their advertisers brainstorm ideas for upcoming ads. If you have an interest in sales or marketing, you might find your ideal career in the news industry.

3. Graphic Artists

This is often related to the advertising arm of the industry. Many advertisers don’t come up with their own ads — they give an idea to the ad rep and the paper’s team brings the advertisement to fruition. Graphic artists also will create graphics — such as charts for statistics — and photo illustrations for articles.

These are just some of the careers available in the news industry. News organizations are an important part of a functioning society, and they need much more than a few journalists to stay in business. From mechanics to artists, there are a lot of great career options in the news.