4 Important Apartment Safety Features

Living in a city apartment comes with great benefits, but you want to make sure it has top-notch safety features. Some features might be more important to you than others, but any building worth staying in will have a variety of measures put in place to keep you safe.

1. Security Cameras

Most apartment companies want to know who is coming in and out of their buildings. Having security cameras positioned at all major entrances and exits can help alert building security to any suspicious activity. Cameras also provide a record that can be reviewed later on if someone needs to access footage of an incident.

2. Fire Systems

Fire prevention is a major safety focus for apartments. It is crucial to have something in place in the event of a fire, such as fire sprinkler systems NYC that can help to eliminate a fire quickly and safely. Another common method of fire prevention is the use of smoke or heat detectors, which alert you upon recognition of smoke or high temperatures.

3. Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Every building needs to have a method of detecting potential carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas, making it impossible to detect without a system in place. CO poisoning can result from the use of generators and gas appliances, so making sure your detector is up and running is a high priority.

4. Access Control

Similar to security cameras, access control measures monitor who is coming and going from the complex. It can be something as simple as having a key to enter the exterior of the building, or it could be more technologically advanced. Many buildings now offer keyless entry in the form of digital keycards or fobs that are scanned upon entry to a building or elevator.

Safety systems are an important part of sharing a living space with people you do not know. When assessing what apartment building is a good fit for you, it is important to consider what type of risk prevention the building can offer you.