4 Tips To Prevent Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is when nutritious topsoil gets removed, causing everything from crop failure to landslides. This can happen due to heavy rainfalls or winds, eradication of stabilizing vegetation or over-tilling. Even if you’ve already experienced these destructive changes, there are still steps you can take to get your property in better shape.

Cover Crops

If you’re a farmer, planting year after year in the same fields can make the ground infertile and bad for growth. Cover crops are green manure that reintroduces nutrients to the topsoil while keeping it in place.

Soil Matting

This can look like literal rolls of carpet being unfurled down a slop or across bald lots. A layer of biodegradable filler, such as coconut husks or straw, is covered by meshing and held down with spikes driven through it. This not only fertilizes topsoil but can act in conjunction with seeding to give new growth an added boost.


The slurry used for hydroseeding lots Ramona CA tends to be a rather thick combination of fertilizer and seeds. When an area is prepared properly, the slurry will provide a wind and rain-resistant layer that helps quickly revitalize an area. This method is preferable for areas of high traffic or steep slopes.

Make Barriers

A hundred years ago, trees and fences were often put around fields to act as property markers. However, they serve a dual purpose and can protect crops and prevent erosion by blocking winds.

If you are in an area that sees substantial rainfall, snowmelt or river overflow, see if you can erect barriers to redirect the water. Even if it only happens a couple of times a year, the loss of topsoil can be permanent without the proper intervention.

By preventing soil erosion you preserve the natural biodiversity of your environment, ensuring lush habitat for your local flora and fauna. You reintroduce nutrients as well, keeping the land usable for generations to come.