Affordable Interior Design Ideas For Your Main Reception Room

The space of a room is of immense importance when decorating a room. Before decorating and furnishing your drawing room, decide how much time your family members spend there. If you have less space, you need more care to furnish it. If you have more space, you can use the space more efficiently. Ornamental pieces such as sculptures, wall hanging, flowers and paintings add to the beauty of the room. You can also put fresh flowers into a vase anywhere you think they will look good. A smart mirror can be an additional ornament to the room.

The basic decorative and entertaining articles of drawing room furniture are chairs, sofas and tables. Your furniture depends a lot on the shape of your drawing room. A smaller room would require small furniture, which would save space.

Colour plays a dominant role in decorating a room. You should pick your colour with immense care. Light colour makes the room look larger and spacious. For smaller rooms, use light colours such as white or cream as they are most obvious choices for walls. The room would look smaller if there are stronger colours all around. However, you can use warm colours for certain areas of your drawing room.

Currently, contemporary colours are more in demand because they have both light and bright colours and add brightness to the room. You can use light colours like versatile white, which is more likely to please you along with experimenting with brighter shades such as red and green. You can go for an option of two colour schemes, taking first colour at the centre and the second colour to give sparkling effect on the first one. If your room is located in such a place where it is directly lit by the sun, you should opt for cool colours like ocean blue or sea green. On the other hand, if the location of your room is such that it is not directly lit by sunlight, you should add warmth to your room. For this purpose, opt for bright shades like yellow and orange to diminish the dullness.

Curtains provide traditional and artistic look to the drawing room. The designs of curtains depend on windows, doors, colours of the walls and decoration of the room. Cotton and silk are the best fabrics for curtains and are liked by everyone. You can use a fancy tie-back to make the curtains appear more attractive.

Three types of flooring such as ceramic tile flooring, wooden flooring and white marble flooring are suitable for drawing room. Ceramic tile flooring is extremely strong, easy to clean, bacteria free, lightweight, scratch resistant, fire proof and stain free. These tiles are good insulators. Ceramic tile flooring is salt glazed that is why it is anti-slippery.

Wooden flooring is always commended for its craftsmanship. It is versatile, durable, noiseless and long lasting, if maintained properly. It does not get hot in summer and cold in winter. It adds charm to the beauty of a room and can certainly do that for your drawing room.

Use these tips to make your drawing room appear more beautiful within the given budget.