Cheap wine glasses for wine enthusiasts!

Being a wine lover and having a stock of wine and special wine cooler fridges is pointless if you do not have wine glasses to enjoy the alcoholic beverage. There are many different styles of cheap wine glasses the UK offers. Some are designed for looks, and others specifically for the type of wine they can hold. If the wine and barrels wine tastes good, find a glass to serve it in to complement its flavour profile. Know the difference before looking at purchasing some wine glasses. Remember that one can spend a fortune on them; many cheap wine glasses serve the same purpose as the next.

Does the shape of the wine glass affect the wine?

Research suggests that the glass’s shape influences the aroma and characteristics of the wine in its taste. Most wine glasses have three parts: a bowl, which contains the wine, the stem and then the foot, and the piece at the bottom supporting the bowl and stem. The bowl’s shape influences the wine’s overall aroma, and the glass lip is where the scents are collected. The bigger the bowl of the glass, the more concentrated the smell will be. Moreover, glasses with smaller bowls help keep the wine temperature constant. Thus, serving the same wine in different glasses can have a huge difference.

Different types of glasses for other wines.

Red wines typically have rounder and wider bowls to help increase the process of oxidation in the wine. The oxidation will help smoothen out the flavours found in the red wine. Bordeaux glass is an example of a tall, large, bowled glass with a wide opening. The opening allows the ethanol to evaporate and smooths the finish of the wine. The standard red wine glass is suggested for medium to full-bodied red wines. A wine with spicy notes tastes best in a glass shaped like this. Lastly, the burgundy glass has a bigger bowl allowing aromas to accumulate before being enjoyed.

On the other hand, white wine glasses come in many different shapes and sizes. Therefore, they do not need to be oxidised as much, so one must use a glass with a smaller mouth to keep the clean, crisp flavour. A smaller mouth means less surface area for the wine to touch and become oxidated before reaching your mouth.

An alternative to a wine glass

If you are looking for something other than a wine glass, the stemless wine glass is growing in popularity. The glass purely consists of a bowl with no stem or foot. Although it may be more comfortable for some to hold and relax, one has to hold the bowl to drink from, which will warm the wine. Thus this type of glass is not suggested for white wine drinkers or high-quality wines as it will impact the taste.

Where to buy wine glasses?

It is important to look for the perfect shaped wine glass for your wine. First, consider visiting retailers or shopping online. Department stores like Amazon or Target will have a variety of wine glasses for less. In addition, or eBay provides a selection of glasses for one to choose from. So buy the correct wine glass and sit back and enjoy a glass of wine!