Fascination With Space

If you love looking at the sky at night, different times of year bring you different sights. There are many types of astronomical shows available to be viewed from any place in the world. Here are a few of the highlights.

Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse happens when the earth goes between the sun and the moon. These happen throughout the year and may be full or partial eclipses. Using a radio telescope can give you a different view than you might see with a regular telescope. Some astronomers use telescopes that may use RF power dividers or combiners to make them more powerful.


It’s not often that a comet passes the earth closely enough to be seen without a telescope, but the Comet Neowise did just that. While those who had binoculars or telescopes got a better view, this comet was visible to the naked eye along the northwest horizon just below the big dipper for a number of days. Next time you hear of a visible comet, don’t miss out – go outside and get your own glimpse.


If the moon looks somewhat larger when full than during other months, it is considered a supermoon. It happens several times in a year and can happen for a few months in a row. There are lots of myths about extraordinary things that can happen during a supermoon – be sure to do your research and don’t get fooled.


Sometimes the planets appear close together in the sky. When Jupiter and Saturn do the dance, it can be spectacular. These are the largest two planets in Earth’s solar system and can be viewed without a telescope.

Viewing the night sky can be fascinating, and it can be done with or without a telescope. Take the time to commune with nature and learn a little about astronomy in your spare time.