Guide to Contemporary Master Bedrooms

Guide to Contemporary Master Bedrooms

Contemporary master bedrooms allow you to create a pulled together look that is still understated. This also means that your room will be inexpensive to decorate or refurnish. Plus, it will focus on all the space you have in your room or make a small space seem bigger. It’s the perfect style if you are trying to reach a decorating compromise with your spouse because it’s neutrals but there is something for all different kinds of tastes. Plus, it’s so neutral that it’s perfect for home staging if your house is on the market and you want to create a room that will appeal to lots of different buys.

Bring in the color white. You don’t have to use this on the walls but you can. This style is really convenient in an apartment where you can’t paint. You can still get a defined room with a specific design direction. Since these rooms use a lot of neutral colors you need to add something so that your space is still interesting. You can do this with contrast. Crisp white bedding is almost always in fashion so you can spend a little more money on it because you can use it for years.

Focus on simple furniture. Sometimes it seems like if you are going to buy something it mine as well be over the top while you are at it right? Contemporary furniture is pretty simple. It’s usually in a set and made from a very light or dark wood tone. It can have subtle metal accents. The drawer fronts should be plain. Look for a rich espresso or cherry wood tone for a little personality and style. The bed should be low to the ground. If you don’t have a headboard try placing a bench or chest at the edge of the bed to help define the space as a focal point.

What’s the difference between a master bedroom and a regular bedroom? Usually these rooms are a lot grander and have more closet space. You might even have a tray ceiling or a master suite complete with a walk-in closet and bathroom. Highlight your favorite areas. You could paint your tray ceiling with a metallic color to really make it stand out and mimic a gold or silver leaf on a budget. You want your closet doors to blend in with the rest of the room so they don’t become the focal point of your design. You can just paint them the same as your wall color or one of two shades lighter or darker so there’s not as much contrast.

Decorate a contemporary master bedroom if you want your room to feel new; even if it isn’t. It’s a clean style that still has a pulled together look and a lot of “wow factor”.

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