Home – 10 Tips to Perfecting Your Home

Home – 10 Tips to Perfecting Your Home

Everyone knows that there are some things that give certain homes an air of excellence. Find out how to give your home that extra edge. Entice your guests with the most simple yet noticeable techniques. Your interested in having a home that is just wonderful aren’t you?

1. Mirrors.

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all? I wonder whether you are aware that you, like me, want a spacious and comfortable home. Mirrors reflect light, and almost double up room size. And with mirrors being such a huge trend, it’s a delight to let them be big and bold and you can put them anywhere and everywhere!

2. Color.

Clean white walls enlarge and open up any space. Wallpaper is a huge trend but be sure then to compensate with a huge mirror. Also stick to a light color for your carpet. Not only will it look classy, it also brightens up any room. If you want to throw in some personal flair, why not accessorize with a noticeable rug?

3. Textures.

Something so subtle, that makes such a definite difference. Tease your senses by adding texture everywhere. From throws, to pillows, fabrics, rugs and ornaments. Esthetically pleasing to they eye, it makes any space feel luxurious and beautiful.

4. Flowers.

Imagen yourself stopping to smell the roses every day, in your own home! Flowers may seem like an expense but when you experience the joy of having flowers in your home, its an expense you will appreciate. Flowers add a feminine touch to any home, and symbolize care and attention to detail. Make your flowers last longer and look more brilliant by placing them in icy water every second day.

5. Door.

Having a statement door makes a grand entrance to any home. Your knocker should suit your personality perfectly. Mine shows a huge brass man and women in equal balance. What would yours say about you?

6. Lighting.

Great lighting is everything. Remember that bad lighting can make people look fatigued, over-weight and off color. Great lighting can make you look like an angel from above. Create good ambience by paying a small fee to your electrician, to change your switches to dimmer switches. Your home will have a calm, relaxed and inviting atmosphere. For those who wish to go the extra mile, install spotlights or chandeliers. They give any space a modern twist.

7. Art.

Support your local artists by sourcing some beautiful pieces for your home. Be attentive by choosing a piece that reflects your taste and style. Also look for something timeless. Can you wake up everyday and smile when you see it?

8. Candles.

Beautiful candles add a special touch to a home that creates profound memories. Place them anywhere you wish. Choose colors to match your d?�cor. Why not try some scented candles too?

9. Perfume for the home.

Have you ever walked into a space and almost feel to your knees because of the smell. Not the cooking, men! Investing in a gorgeous cologne should give any space a smell to remember. However there are a few guidelines: Choose a signature scent for your home to give it that personal touch and steer clear of air odorizes. Those spray cans are not the scent you’re going for. It is worth investing in a good quality perfume for the home. This way a spray or two should last through the day!

10. Cleaning products.

Using the right cleaning products can make a world of difference in your home. Take time to find which ones are the best. It really does make a huge difference when you walk into a space that shines, glistens and gleams!