Bedroom is a favorite place for everyone. That is why we have to know how to decorate a bedroom. It is because bedroom is the place where we spend our time after getting tired of work or maybe when we feel uncomfortable for something.

According to this reason, we have to think about how to decorate a bedroom. Because comfortable is number one. There are some tips below about how to decorate a bedroom.


If you are still unsure about how to decorate your room, making a simple design is a good idea. You can draw it by yourself or if it is difficult for you, you can find inspiration from the other people or internet. But making a simple design by ourselves will satisfy our feeling about having a bedroom according to our choice.


After making a simple design, the next step of how to decorate a bedroom is choosing the best color. The best color means that the color is good for your bedroom, not too bright and not too dark. You can choose blue for the color of your wall. It is because blue color will make your room looks fresher.

Beside blue you can use other nice colors such as lavender or green. According to a website, blue, lavender, and green are considered as calm colors. This is a good idea for people who like calm color. But if you do not like these colors, you can choose the other colors according to your want.


You have to pay attention of the next tips of how to decorate a bedroom. It is about furniture. Do not take too many furnitures in your room. Look at the size of the furniture first. Make sure that it is according to the size of your room. If it is too big or too small, it will be inefficient. You have to utilize your bedroom well.


This is the last tips of how to decorate a bedroom. Ventilation is important for your bedroom. It is because it relates with the health of the people in the house. Having good ventilation in your room will give you a good quality of sleep and also the air.