How-To Gardening Tips for New Homeowners

How-To’ Gardening Tips for New Homeowners

Flowers, vegetables, herbs and landscaping are all beautiful and beneficial assets to your home. However, some of us may not have the first clue about how to achieve plants that are green, prosperous and beautiful. If you want a guide on ‘how-to’ gardening, you can obtain a few tips from various gardening books, online articles or even video tutorials.

When considering home gardening projects, we usually do not consider hiring a landscaping contractor or gardener to do it for us because it may be out of our price range. A landscape professional, however, can at least add beauty and curb side appeal to your residence and may be worth the money that you spend because not only do they plant items, but they also know which areas they best grow in and can also create brick perimeters, rock or mulch fillers and can teach you about how to manage pesky weed growth.

Consider first what your motives are here. Do you want to hide a tacky meter on the side of the house? Consider planting a large grass plant that will come up every year. The only maintenance is to trim it down occasionally. Maybe you want something that you can use to take on gardening by the horns and start it as a hobby. Best thing, perhaps is to learn more about how-to plant perennial or annuals. Keep in mind annuals, such as petunias, zinnias, and pansies require replacement each year. Consider if you want flowers, grasses, trees or shrubbery.

Additional ‘how to’ gardening tips include information about herb gardens. Each herb has specific attributes and is a good way to obtain herbs to use in your home for cooking or even home remedies. Vegetable gardens, on the other hand, are an excellent way to save money on produce. You can pretty much learn how to grow anything from green beans and tomatoes to squash and watermelons. Though it takes some maintenance and some nurturing, it is not impossible.

If gardening is new to you, the best tip is to start small, regardless if it is a flower, herb or vegetable garden. You will continue learning as you go and find out based on your climate what works best. For flower gardens, you may want to put some landscaping in your front yard so people who drive by can enjoy your prideful work of beauty and color. Otherwise, put the garden near a window so that you too can enjoy it from the inside or even from your porch or patio.

There are additional tips for irrigation, whether it be with rain, a garden hose or even alternative irrigation systems. You also need to keep fertilization options in mind to find the best way to create easy care and low maintenance healthy plants. You will find it to be a very rewarding hobby if you start slow at first. However, if you are an amateur and try to take on too much, you may get overwhelmed and throw the shovel down. Don’t do that. Grab some how-to gardening tips from the Internet or the library, tackle it and enjoy it. The benefits of your creation are very rewarding.