How Your Flower Garden Can Sell Your Home

How Your Flower Garden Can Sell Your Home

It’s no secret that attractive landscaping improves curb appeal dramatically. And, if you’re in the market to sell your home, a lush flower garden will really charm potential buyers. Real estate sales fliers are often picked up spontaneously by prospective buyers driving past properties. Don’t miss these opportunities! Your home’s first impression is its exterior. And what better way to create a welcoming setting than a landscape accented by colorful blooms? Consider the following flower garden ideas to boost your home’s appeal.

Find a Place for your Flower Garden

Flowers are versatile and look great in lots of places. Plant them along walkways and surrounding your front porch, so they can greet visitors in a beautiful way. Create beds stretching out from the house or along the perimeter of the yard. Conceal unsightly utility boxes, septic pipes and propane tanks with well-placed plantings. Flowers are a great backdrop for patios and decks. Even ordinary places, like the mailbox, are transformed when surrounded by flowers.

Pick Perennials for Permanence

Perennial flowers are like gifts that keep on giving, year after year. Prospective home buyers will appreciate the long-lasting nature of perennials and their reduced maintenance compared with annuals, which need to be planted each year. Save vibrant annuals for use in hanging baskets and containers on your porch or patio.

Aim for All-Season Attraction

Plan your flower garden so it will have color and wow home buyers throughout the year. Try vivid tulips and daffodils for spring, and roses or hydrangeas during the summer months. Garden mums and ornamental grasses work well in the fall, while the hellebore offers winter flowering. Four-season flair is easy to achieve in your garden with a little forethought.

Develop Impact from a Distance

For the best visual impact, group similar plantings by type and color. Cluster flowers together in odd-numbered sets of three, five, seven or more. This will have the greatest effect for people driving by your property. And, don’t skimp on the width of your flower beds. For beds surrounding the home’s foundation, go for a width of at least half the height of your house. Soften borders with graceful, sweeping curves. It is not necessary to invest in expensive landscape edging or fabric. Flower garden borders can be edged naturally. Instead of covering the ground area with landscape fabric, rake out existing weeds, and apply a weed prevention product to the soil. Don’t forget to top-dress with mulch for a finished look. Opt for a natural-colored mulch, so as not to detract attention from the flowers. Choose flowers with colors that complement your home’s siding, roofing, brick or stone. It’s best to choose just a few colors for a cohesive look.

Your flower garden can set your home apart from the rest of the real estate crowd. Use it to your advantage when selling your home!