Live Critters For Nature’s Landscaped Garden

Live Critters For Nature’s Landscaped Garden

People have their own ideas of how there garden should look and what will make them feel at home and at peace. Gardens in many parts of the world bring peace and harmony to the soul. There are many ideas in books and magazines that will give you ideas plus browsing the internet you will be able to create a landscaped garden that will sooth your soul.

Landscaped gardens are not fully living organisms unless they have some wildlife in them. Birds and butterflies will enhance the beautiful of the garden as well as encourage the ecology of the garden. Choosing between birds and butterflies it is necessary to remember that butterflies are fodder for birds. No landscaped garden will be complete unless you have some of nature’s critter furnishing it.

Butterflies are truly a beautiful addition to a garden and they will bring a sense of peace and harmony to your haven of peace. To encourage butterflies you need to create the right environment for them to flourish

Choose a quite part of the garden to plant your butterfly attracting plants. Have a mixture shade and sun, butterflies being cold blooded critters do not need too much sunshine.

Choose the types of plants you want to encourage the butterflies to choose your garden. Nectar producing plants which come in a many varieties such as Pinks, marigolds, Lantern, honeysuckle, asters, herbs, wildflowers and a large number of sun loving plants will attract butterflies. Check with your local nursery to obtain the right indigenous plants for your area.

If you would like to encourage butterflies to reproduce in your landscaped garden then set aside a shady areas with larval producing plants, these will definitely attract more butterflies, but be prepared to replace plants on a regular basis as little caterpillars live to eat the foliage and vegetables that are available.

Provide water for your butterflies to safely drink, a bucket set into the soil, filled with a mixture of soil and sand then filled with water until all water is absorbed will provide a safe place for butterflies to get their necessary liquids. Don’t forget to keep it topped up with water.

Encourage your landscaped garden to accommodate butterflies and you will be richly rewarded with hours of pleasure with these beautiful critters.

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