Low Maintenance Garden Ideas Anyone Can Do

Having a beautiful garden gives your home a lot of curb appeal. Yet, it can be a daunting chore if you don’t have the time and energy to put in some of the required back breaking tasks. Hiring a landscaping company to do that can get pretty expensive. Doing just a few simple tricks can help you acquire a low maintenance garden that’s beautiful with minimal effort.

Choosing flowers and plants that are drought tolerant is a smart buy. They save can save you money and time if you’re only able to get a chance to water your garden a few times a week. There is a large variety ranging from Autumn Joy sedum to Moonbeam coreopsis, making it still possible to give your garden variety while staying conscious of your inability to tend to it every day, like many other plants require.

Ground covers are also a good solution, being as they are attractive to the eye and they cover lots of ground making it less of a necessity for lots of plants. It keeps a garden cost effective because they can take up the area of multiple flowers or plants. Using a groundcover can also add some needed texture to a garden and totally change its appearance.

Picking perennials is good because they are a flower that returns each season. They provide lots of color with minimal upkeep or financial investment. It creates a constant growth within your garden because they get larger as they mature. When picking out perennials, be sure to take into consideration where your garden will be located and to pick plants accordingly.

An automatic sprinkler system is super effective when wanting to have a low maintenance garden. It makes having to go out and manually water your flowers or yard unnecessary. It can also help with keeping a fluctuating water bill under control. With these installed, the only reason that you would need to actually enter your garden is to occasionally do some weeding.

These few helpful hints make it possible to have a low maintenance garden. You don’t have to be a green thumb to make your landscape a work of art. Pick plants that won’t need to be attended to everyday and perennials over annuals as they will return the next season. It may seem like a garden is an expensive venture, but by planning properly and using the right enhancements and flowers, it can be an inexpensive and enjoyable hobby.