Low Maintenance Garden Ideas for Busy People

Low Maintenance Garden Ideas for Busy People

Do you have a busy lifestyle but still want to enjoy your garden? Then why not consider creating a low maintenance garden.

When people think about a low maintenance garden they usually have a picture in their mind of a garden with just concrete or paving, and no sign of any living plants.

However this not need be the case. Any garden will require a certain amount of looking after but there are alternative features and plants that can make you garden look good and require the minimum amount of upkeep.

Here is a list of time saving ideas that can be used if you are designing your garden from scratch or you want to replace exiting features.

Using railway sleepers is cheaper than brickwork and they can be used for making a raised flower bed, a rustic looking pathway, steps and lots of other uses. Traditional reclaimed sleepers have been treated with creosote and tar so they will last for years. If you prefer the greener approach you can also buy an eco friendly softwood version.

Having a water feature instead of a pond requires much less maintenance and they can be stored away during the winter to prevent damage from frost. Water features come in various designs and styles to suit everyone’s taste.

Bulbs will come up year after year and replacing them for annuals will save time spent on the yearly planting.

Pebbles are decorative and available in lots of different colours and sizes. They can be left loose or set in concrete to make all sorts of natural interesting features.

Decking has become cheaper and more popular in recent years and can be used to make a stylish looking garden. Decking treated with a clear preservative is less colourful than painted but needs a lot less maintenance. However it may be worth considering laying paving slabs as this needs even less looking after.

Slow growing shrubs will provide colour and interest, and adding some grasses will give movement to the garden.

Gravel and shingle can be used to fill any area and they are easy laid. They can be used to create an attractive eye pleasing surface or used for walking on. Coloured glass gravel is another alternative to the traditional type but is a lot more expensive.

Using mulch on top of a weed control fabric will help suppress weed growth. The fabric will allow water air and nutrients to reach the plants and by eliminating weeds will promote healthy plant growth. Once laid, the sheeting can be covered with a layer of mulch such as gravel or chipped bark.