Prices of Wall Clocks

Prices of Wall Clocks

The prices of wall clocks range dramatically depending on how high a level of quality you are looking for. On the low end they can certainly be picked up for $5 or $10. There you are talking about a cheap plastic wall clock that may very well suit the purpose you have for it. Maybe it is for a big closet in your office, and it is truly only for the express purpose of telling the time. In a case like that I can understand buying the absolute cheapest one available.

In other cases, such as for interior decoration, I think it is more appropriate to take a little more time and (possibly) spend a little more money. This is because your clock is going to be on display for all who come to pass through its room. It really should match the wallpaper, paint, or other decorations in the room. Or else it should complement them. Believe me, there are plenty of wall clocks out there of all sorts of designs and colors so you should have no problem finding many that would go well with your current interior design.

So for a clock like that I would expect to pay a minimum of $20 for it new. If you go around garage sales or thrift stores you can obviously save more money but you will likely be sacrificing a lot of time, and you may or may not end up finding a wall clock that suits your needs. I think it is much preferable to just buy a new one because they are cheap enough as it is.

The next price level up for wall clocks starts around the $40 or $50 mark. This is where you start to see wall clocks made by designers you may or may not recognize. Nevertheless, they are real people trained in design who have put their weight behind the products you are seeing. Stores like Target and even Walmart have succeeded in mixing the high fashion world with the mass production world. So their wall clocks are always worth a look. But don’t expect too much. It’s a much better idea to look at more independent dealers and makers, because they tend to put out more unique and higher quality clocks in my experience.

Don’t be afraid that by venturing off the beaten track you are going to get ripped off. This is simply not all that common. Wall clocks tend to hover in right around their appropriate price at all times and in all places. It is a lot more fun to buy from a lesser known maker, in my opinion. These guys put out nice unique pieces that none of your neighbors will be able to match. I am just partial to having a unique interior decoration scheme going on inside my house. Therefore, I think the perfect amount to spend on a wall clock is about $50. With this you can expect to get something that will sanctify any room for the next decade or two.

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