Projects That South Carolina Property Managers Should Prioritize

Managing a condominium or apartment building in South Carolina requires property management companies to be prepared for whatever maintenance needs are on the horizon. Managers should be conscientious about prioritizing big projects that need attention before they lead to serious and more costly problems. Taking care of problems before they progress also minimizes the inconvenience to residents. Here are some projects to start getting bids on as soon as you can.

Roof Repairs

The damage from a roofing system failure can cause significant damage to both common areas and residents’ units. Ideally, you should try to address any issues before hurricane season. Any small repairs or large capital needs work that have to happen should be a key priority before your buildings are at a greater risk for storm damage.

Pool Repairs

Cracking seals on an inground pool often tend to form somewhat slowly. Once the material is compromised, however, the problem can become exponentially worse in a short time. Taking care of pool repair needs as soon as you’re aware of them may minimize the scope of work needed and ultimately result in a less costly and lengthy project. For help with professional pool repair Myrtle Beach SC, work with a company that is experienced in serving management companies in your area.

Electrical Upgrades

Your local utility provider is responsible for maintaining onsite equipment, but there are a lot of system components that buildings must maintain and repair as needed. For example, if you need to replace or refit a bus duct, the power company isn’t going to do it for you. Nevertheless, you will likely have to coordinate your work with the power company. The best time of year to tackle any electrical work that requires a temporary power shut-off is in early spring, when people will be more comfortable doing without heat or air conditioning for a few hours.