Proper Ways to Clean Your Wicker Furniture

Proper Ways to Clean Your Wicker Furniture

The art of weaving furniture from vines and stems is regarded as the oldest form of craft. Its history extends back from thousands of years ago and is still in use today in the form of wicker. Wicker is not a particular material in itself, but a category of furnishing woven from a variety of rigid materials including plastic fibers. Wicker is a multifunctional feature that can be utilized anywhere in the home, but is more popularly used as an outdoor fixture like an outdoor wicker sofa.

Wicker has been used throughout the ages. It has never failed to capture the imagination of designers, and is known for its whimsy, comfortable, fashionable and durable nature. With all these and more, wicker remains as a valuable piece that has been epitomized in many forms like the luxurious resin wicker dining sets we see, or the simple wicker sofa of our neighbor. However, just like any other furnishings often used on outdoor spaces, wicker furniture of any kind should also be properly cleaned and maintained in order to preserve its beauty; below are simple guidelines to do such.

As wicker fixtures are often used as outdoor pieces, such as an outdoor wicker sofa, dust and other particles could easily invade their surfaces. To avoid dust build up, make sure to dust off your wicker furniture with a vacuum cleaner with brush attachment at least twice or thrice a week. This way, dusty particles will not build up in the crevices of your fixtures, which if not properly attended could ruin the aesthetic value of your wicker. If hair gets lodged in the crevices, use tweezers or a dry paint brush to remove it.

Another method of cleaning your outdoor wicker sofa is by washing it regularly; this is especially helpful if your wicker is woven from plastic fibers. Combine at least 2 tablespoons of ammonia in a gallon of water, this will serve as your cleaning agent. Wash the fixture quickly and never over saturate it in the solution as this can affect its color. In the absence of ammonia, you can use commercial cleaning products that are suitable for wicker furnishings.

Of course, wicker pieces such as resin wicker dining sets are commonly used to accommodate visitors during gatherings; hence, they are often subject to over usage which could affect the alignment of their weaves. In such case, whenever you clean your wicker pieces, try to even out their weaves because leaving them with uneven weave spacing could weaken their ability to hold weight. Likewise, as wicker dining sets are used for meals, spills are inevitable specially if there are children around. If this happens, immediately wipe the spill with a clean cloth dampened in a detergent, and wipe it once again with a dry cloth to remove residue.

Remember that wicker patio dining set or any outdoor wicker furnishings for that matter are susceptible to extreme weather conditions and humidity. Dry weather can make wicker furniture brittle, high humidity can cause mildew and molds to develop on your furniture, and overexposure to extreme heat and rain could cut down the service time of your wicker. To prevent the early wear out of your wicker pieces, place them in your patio or porch that has a cover, and as much as possible place cushions on them to protect them from certain elements. With all these simple cleaning and maintenance tips, you can definitely lengthen the life of your outdoor wicker furniture.

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