Some Ideas For Wishing Well Building Plans

Some Ideas For Wishing Well Building Plans

If you are waiting for a falling star to state your most ardent desire, it will have to be done at night so you can see them. However, wishing well building plans can make it possible to make a wish anytime of day or night. Let’s take a look at some things to consider before getting started.

There are different sizes that can be built. A small one might be big enough for just one or two flowering plants. A medium size might also serve as a mail box if positioned in an offset curved entry way. The full sized may cause people to think there is a real water well positioned at just the right place for outdoor relaxation.

Deciding where to locate the structure might help in choosing the size. BBQ grills are typically located near the back entrance to the home, and could be the perfect place for a smaller size. A shady place near a gazebo might provide practice tossing coins into the well, and if positioned in the middle of the yard, it could also provide a bird bath to assist in birding.

An interesting addition to any size wishing well might be supplying water to it for creating a water fountain. Inside the center may allow enough room to recess a container, add a water pump, and plant flowers around the outer edge to create a unique idea which subtly impresses people that something is slightly backwards in expected performance of a well.

Thanks to modern technology, night time is a good opportunity to show off beautiful landscaping through the use of solar powered lights. It would easy enough to add decorative lighting with either strings of LED lights around the eaves, or place some free standing solar pathway lights around the edges of a flower garden that surrounds the structure.

The materials used can be wood and shingles, and either stained or painted. The roof might have wooden shakes to create that old fashioned look. There is also the choice of using brick around the lower part that matches your home. Another choice could be making use of old wine bottles to create the lower half, and help make a statement about saving the environment.

Decorating a lawn can bring much pride, and a sense of personal accomplishment, when most of it was a well selected DIY project. There are many possibilities and ideas from which to choose, and you can always add your personal touch to make your yard look different than all the other lawns in the neighborhood.

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