The Fireplace and Interior Design

The Fireplace and Interior Design

Although interior decoration and designs keep on changing, but there are certain things that always remain in vogue. Fireplace, for example, has always been considered an important item of a living room or dining room. Additionally, it is also present in many bedrooms though some prefer not to have that much heating environment in their sleeping places.

As the importance of a fireplace can never be undermined, people are thinking about adding fireplaces that are of newer designs and go well with other interior decor. The preference for both new and old style fireplaces along with the perfect accessories has become quite a difficult job for interior decorators and homeowners alike. The following lines will guide you on how to find the right fireplace and how to install it in a manner so that it adds to the beauty of your interior design.

Choosing a fireplace location

To start with, you have to pick a location for the fireplace. The best solutions for a fireplace, regardless of the type of room, are at the corner or at most in the centre of the room. The only exception is that of the living room where you cannot afford to install a fireplace in the centre of the room, as it would look awkward. Besides, television and other electronic equipment have to be placed in the centre. You can install the fireplace at one side of the living room.

In the drawing room, you can install the fireplace in the centre in case of a big room. Otherwise, a corner location would be ideal for the drawing room as well. You can place the interior decor items in the centre or even an aquarium, if you can afford.

Shape and style

Old style fireplaces have made a comeback, and they are now becoming popular again. The only difference is that now they run mostly on natural gas or electricity unlike the older ones that utilises firewood. Newer types of fireplaces are smaller and modern as compared to the older ones. They might come in the shape of a single rod that heats up when electricity passes through them or they are as big as the older ones, but with innovative designs.

The shape of fireplaces has changed over the years. Some also come in the shape of a small heath though they run on electricity and not on coal.

Installation and decor

The modern fireplaces are very easy to install. As mentioned earlier, some are rechargeable and easy to move. You can place them at any convenient location in your home. The permanent fixtures, on the other hand, take more time for installation. You have to be very careful about the location.

Once you are done with that, you should try to combine the interior decor with the fireplace. The best possible option would be a cleaner look around the fireplace and more decoration items at its side. This arrangement would also go well with the interior design of the room.