The Many Wonders of Solar Fountains

The Many Wonders of Solar Fountains

Outdoor living is a growing trend that expands the design of interior spaces towards exterior areas. Rather than spending your momentous occasions inside your home, it is always preferable to do them at your patio, garden or backyard. Decorating these areas with wall fountains will definitely create interesting visuals for your guests; however, adding water features outdoor could be a burdensome task because of their electrical cords and their associated electric consumption. Before you back out on this idea though, there is one solution that can help you solve these issues – the use of solar powered fountains.

Solar wall fountains boasts several advantages against electric powered fountains because of their solar energy use. They run free off electricity charges because they do not require wiring and do not operate at night unless they have batteries installed in them. To simply put it, solar fountains functions through their solar panels, which collects energy from the sun and converts it into electricity. Even though they don’t have the capability to store enough energy that they can use during night time, they perform exceptionally during the day.

Solar wall fountains promise the ease of use and management among homeowners. Without any worries for electrical problems, they demand little effort as they only need to be placed in areas where there are sufficient amount of case of water leakage, you don’t have to worry about any electric-related problems from happening such as short circuit which often causes fire. Though the only drawback affiliated with the use of solar fountains is their inability to operate at night and during rainy seasons, there’s a solution to this problem in the form of battery operated solar fountains.

Solar fountains are not limited to wall mounted water feature designs. Similar to their electric powered counterparts, solar fountains are available in a whole range of varieties. You can choose from a floor fountain or cascading fountain, or if birds often visit your outdoor space you can always opt for a birdbath fountain. Floating solar fountains are also very popular choices due to their distinct floating quality which could really capture the attention of passers-by especially in commercial spaces.

As solar floor fountain is the most common water feature design found in many outdoor spaces today, homeowners could also take their pick from a whole range of designs and finishes. Glazed ceramic solar fountains are highly durable and have a certain glow in them due to their glazed finished, which also makes them easier to clean. Terra cotta fountains befits gardens and outdoor spaces pretty well due to their earthly tones that suits their surroundings. Meanwhile, to mimic the grandiosity of ancient gardens, two tier solar fountains can be placed on front lawns and gardens.

When choosing the right solar fountain design for your outdoor space, always consider the size and concept of your landscape. Larger areas demand for fountains that could cover a wide space such as waterfall fountains that could be appropriately placed at the corners of gardens and backyards, and for smaller spaces floor or wall mounted fountains could do the trick. With a little help from the sun, solar fountains are cost and energy efficient means to make an outdoor space look more visually appealing. Nonetheless, by using these as alternatives for electric powered fountains, you are doing Mother Nature a little favor.

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