Top Feng Shui Tips

Top Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese approach which can help us to understand how the environment affects us. Some of the most popular application of its techniques is in the home interior decoration. Here you can check out the most important Feng Shui tips:

Feng Shui’s techniques should be applied according to your personality. When we decorate our homes, our top priority should be the comfort of the people that live in the home.

The best guideline how to place furniture and objects could be found in the bagua map which is used to define places in our homes or offices which correlate with some particular situation in our life.

All of the furniture or object in our homes should be in a harmony. If you find out some unnecessary object according to the bagua map, do not hesitate to remove it from your home.

Do you know that every color represent different energy and symbolism? That’s why it’s a good idea to learn the meanings of all of the popular colors.

You won’t be able to find any dark spot in homes and offices that are properly decorated according to Feng Shui. The reason is that in this way the chi energy will be able to flow properly in your home or office.

The shape of the furniture and objects should also be carefully chosen because the different shapes cause different feelings.

When you plan the positions of your chairs and sofas, they should be placed in a way that will allow the people which sit on them to look at the door easily.

The bed shouldn’t be placed right across the door. One of the best bed’s positions is at one side of a wall.

The mirror placement should be considered with the light amounts in the room.

The good Feng Shui decoration makes the rooms to look natural and balanced as well as it provides a lot of comfort.