3 Key Exterior Upgrades To Create Curb Appeal for Commercial Properties

Are you a small business owner with a commercial property that’s in need of a cosmetic makeover? All business owners know that they have one shot to make a good impression and gain the trust of clients. Here are three key exterior upgrades that help new and existing customers view your business in a positive light.

1. Update the Parking Areas

Paved surfaces around your building can reduce the overall curb appeal due to regular wear and tear. It’s possible to make minor patches yourself, but consult a local paving company to repair large areas of damage. Also be sure to install new directional signage from a custom sign shop Washington so that customers can navigate your property safely.

2. Add Landscaping

The elements of nature help people relax, which is particularly important in a small business environment. If you have a large area to deal with, it’s best to hire a landscape maintenance company to provide routine lawn care and cleanup. On the other hand, if all you have is a concrete strip in front of the building, install wooden planter boxes filled with plants of varying heights to add greenery and interest that clients will notice.

3. Install More Lighting

Quality outdoor lighting not only makes your commercial space look better but also helps customers feel safe if they need to stop by your business after dark. Make sure all walking paths are illuminated by installing eco-friendly solar pathway lights. Also be sure to use lighting to clearly show where the entrance to your business is. Add light posts on either side of the door and overhead floodlights so that customers know exactly where to go.

Good curb appeal is crucial to the success of your small business. Follow the tips above to make lasting improvements to the exterior of your building and increase customer loyalty as a result.