The Age of Specialization!

The Age of Specialization!

You are virtually living in an age of specialization. Particularly the professionals like doctors, lawyers and engineers confound you with an array of knowledge that is highly specialized, unintelligible and beyond your ken.

For example, if you approach a doctor for getting treatment for your nose ailment, he immediately replies, ‘I am sorry; I am a general medical practitioner. It is better to consult an ENT specialist, who specializes in giving treatment to the ailments of ear, nose and throat.’

When you approach an ENT specialist, he guides you towards a doctor who specializes in giving treatment to nose only.

When you approach the nose specialist, he says, ‘you seem to be having a problem in the left side of the nostril; but I specialize in the right side of the nostril; so you have to approach a doctor specializing in the left side of the nostril, OK’

Similarly when you approach a dentist with your specific dental problem, he says, ‘you see this is a specific problem in the area pertaining to cosmetic surgery. I am a general surgeon concerned with tooth removal and implantation only. So it is better to consult a cosmetic surgeon.’

When you approach a lawyer with a specific problem pertaining trademark or copy right of your product in business, the lawyer usually answers as follows:

‘We don’t have scope for dealing with such specialized subjects like copy right etc here in the moffusil court; you have to approach a lawyer specializing in copy rights in the High court.’

When you approach an engineer seeking his help in the interior decoration of your house, he says, ‘I am an engineer specializing in construction work only; if you need any help in the interior decoration of your house, you have to approach an engineer specializing in interior decoration; likewise you have to approach an architect if you need any help and consultation with regard to the elevation of your newly built house.’

Thus professionals drive you from pillar to post in getting your specific tasks achieved. However, you cannot blame them, because, to such an extent the areas of specializations have grown so complex, varied and diversified. Medical, legal and engineering services have so many branches and offshoots with innumerable areas of specializations.

Now it is your dilemma, how to tackle with this complex problem of specialization and diversification. It depends upon the following factors: your personal interest, your educational level, your actual needs and necessities and your financial position etc.

Whether you are educated or an illiterate, first of all you have to make up your mind whether a particular work requires the service of a specialist and decide whether such service is a must. In case of availing a medical service from a specialist doctor, you have no other go but to necessarily avail his service, because it is a health care issue concerning your well being and your life is at stake.

If you avail a specialized legal or engineering service, it depends upon your exigency and financial viability.

However, irrespective of the level of your education or financial position, it is always good to be well informed about the development and growth of specializations at least in the areas in which you are concerned. Otherwise, you may be lagging behind your competitors in business who keep themselves well informed and well equipped; you may also face a fierce competition from your competitors leading to a loss in your business, mental agony and other physical ailments.