3 Lighting Fixture Ideas for a Simply Stunning Kitchen

From that first early morning cup of coffee to bustling family dinners, the kitchen is often the busiest, most-visited room in the home. If you’re considering your kitchen options for home design Jacksonville FL, lighting should be at the top of your list.

Whether you want soft mood lighting, stunning statement fixtures, precision illumination of food-prep spaces, or all of the above, it pays to take the time to consider what kind of lighting will best work for your aesthetic as well as your daily needs.

1. Task Lighting Fixtures

Before settling on a lighting layout, it’s important to consider what areas of the kitchen will need bright, focused lights for specific tasks. Pendant fixtures, under-cabinet LEDs and track lighting are often excellent options for illuminating food-prep areas, stovetops, islands, sinks and office nooks when you need that extra boost of light to get the job done right.

2. Accent Lighting Fixtures

Many under-cabinet fixtures also feature dimmable options, making it easy to switch from bright workspace to atmospheric refuge. The same goes for canned lighting and pendant lights, which can be used to emphasize attractive architectural elements in the room, provide mood lighting or even illuminate the precious contents of glass-fronted cabinets.

3. Statement Lighting Fixtures

Once you’ve decided where you need bright, focused light and where you might want to place accent fixtures, consider your options for a statement piece or two. Statement lighting fixtures may double as task or accent lighting, but they can also provide extra aesthetic interest when the lights are off.

From farmhouse-style or rustic fixtures that mix elements of antiqued wood and brushed metal to ultra-modern pieces that are works of art in their own right, a statement fixture can provide a stunning centerpiece that captures your aesthetic and ties the whole room together.