Space Clearing – Five Tips For Creating Sacred Energy in Your Home

Space Clearing – Five Tips For Creating Sacred Energy in Your Home

Did you know that every argument between you and your partner, every cold or stomach flu, and all the energy left behind by anyone who has ever been in your home needs to be cleared? It is all still there, otherwise, monkeying up the works, making your home a kind of clogged pipe that needs to be drained.

Clear Yourself First

On the night before this space-clearing extravaganza, or on the morning of it but before you get started, take a bath using sea salt mixed with any therapeutic-grade essential oil you have. You also could use energy healing techniques before or after the bath to balance your chakras, cleanse your aura and heal any issues that are creating stress or pain.

Set an Intention

Be clear about what you intend to do before you get started. You are exfoliating your home, in a sense, clearing away stuck or “dead” energy and replacing it with healing, sacred energy. You might even meditate for a moment or two and allow thoughts and images and feelings to come to mind about what needs to clear. Once you have a clear intention, you are ready to begin.

What You Will Need

A candle for every room

Sea salt or Epsom salts

A spray bottle with filtered or purified water and lemon essential oil

What to Do in Each Room

First, open every window to let in some fresh air and clear away the stale or stagnant air on each room. If you feel safe enough to throw open the front or back door for a while, do that, as well.

Then, light a candle in each room and leave it lit while you go through the rest of the rooms. In fact, you can leave the windows open and the candles lit for a while even after you are finished with the space clearing process.

After the candles are lit, you will do the same thing in each room. Sprinkle sea salt in each corner and clap several time to discharge any energy that has collected there. Then, spray gently into each area of the room.

If you would like to bless the room with an affirmation or prayer, you can do that in each room, as well.

Extra Steps You Can Take

If you are a reiki master, you can use the healing reiki symbols in each room, drawing them in each corner of the room and also, raising your hands to give reiki to the room, in general. You can scan for particular areas that need extra attention just as you would if you were scanning a person.

When you feel complete in that room, sweep it and move on to give reiki to the next room.

If you have any clear quartz crystal or rose quartz, you can use them as part of the clearing process, too, waving them in the room and placing them wherever you feel led to place them as you do the other clearing work in that room.

If you have several crystals, you can leave one behind in each room, in the center of the room, on a windowsill or wherever feels right to you.

Once you are finished clearing your space, take note of how each room feels and journal about your experience. Repeat this process whenever you become aware that it needs it.