3 Reasons To Get Serious About Pest Control

Most homeowners consider safety and security to be paramount when it comes to their property, but many fail to be proactive about pest control. Depending on where you live, there could be a variety of pests jeopardizing your investment and your family. Here are three ways pest control services can be an asset.

1. Maintaining Home Value

Multiple types of pests can damage your home and cause its value to plummet if they’re not eradicated. Termites, for example, can completely destroy your home’s internal structure in ways you can’t repair without extensive, expensive work. Worst of all, termites can wreak havoc far before you ever see them. Hiring a pest control Portland OR service helps keep your home’s structural integrity intact and protect it from easily preventable damage.

2. Defending Family Health

Plenty of pests can put your family in danger. Wasps and other insects can trigger serious allergic reactions, and ticks often carry Lyme disease. Eliminating these dangerous invaders helps bring peace of mind, knowing that occupants of the house don’t face this type of unnecessary health risk. What’s more, the only effective ways to keep bugs and insects away from your house for good involve chemicals that must be carefully handled. Trying to perform pest control on your own can result in serious health hazards.

3. Keeping Pests Away

One of the most irritating traits of pest infestations is how hard they are to completely stamp out. DIY solutions just don’t cut it, and the pests come back in the weeks or months following the attempt. Pest control experts have a wealth of knowledge about keeping unwanted insects and bugs from returning to your home between treatments.

No area is naturally pest-free, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with danger and destruction ants, bed bugs or termites bring. Being proactive and scheduling pest control will benefit your home and your health in the long term.