4 Tips to Change Your Bedroom Esthetic on a Budget

Are you dreaming of redecorating your room to look Pinterest perfect? While it’s fun to do a total renovation, decorating can be quite expensive. If you are wanting to spend a small amount, check out the list below for ways to save on your next project.

Throw Pillows

A simple and affordable way to update your bedroom esthetic is by adding throw pillows. This decor element adds interest because of the colors and texture. Throw pillows come in a large variety of styles. Before heading to the store, plan what you are looking for and bring examples on your phone to stay on track. While shopping, take note of pricing to stay on budget.


Another inexpensive design tip is to add modern curtains that complement your room design. From ruffled layers to blackout curtains there is an option for every room. However, if you already have curtains that you like, check out curtain pulls. These little pieces of decor can add a stylish statement, whether you go with a geode look or even a simple black knob.


Nothing makes a room look better than cleanliness mixed with organization. First start by decluttering, you will be surprised by how much junk is taking up space in your room. Next figure out ways to organize your stuff. You can use bins, shelves or buy new furniture to accomplish this task. When purchasing organizational materials be sure they complement your new bedroom esthetic.

Light Fixtures

Updating your light fixtures will add a big impact for a smaller price. Modern fixtures will enhance the flow of your space, complement the color palette, be a statement piece and add personality. You can do a DIY project to save or head to the store and save your time. Decide what is more important to you, time or money.

As you can see updating your bedroom on a budget isn’t as hard as it may seem. Use these tips in your next bedroom update to save money, while creating a dream space.