Tractor Factor

Kenny Chesney has an old girlfriend who thinks his tractor is sexy. Jason Aldean believes that taking his lady for a ride on his big green tractor constitutes a romantic date. Well, at least according to the country songs both men perform, both of these statements are true. The tractor is the backbone of farms all over the world. With attachments to dig fence post holes, plow fields and rake hay, most of us wouldn’t eat if it weren’t for tractors.

Tip Top Shape

One of the things most American farmers learn early on is that if they can do the job themselves, it saves time, money and aggravation. Many farmers learn to work on their own tractors. This means they need reliable sources for tractor parts service long prairie mn. Farmers who work on their own tractors know they also should invest in the most reliable and durable machines they can afford. The fewer hours they spend working on their own tractors, the more time they have for other farm chores that can improve their bottom line.

All-Around Work Horse

Why is a tractor such a valued piece of farm equipment anyway? The tractor’s worth is in its versatility. The tractor itself is the vehicle that allows a farmer to perform many of the necessary tasks to manage day-to-day farm operations. You’ll see tractors pulling the equipment to prepare the field for planting. The plow breaks up the soil into dirt clods. Then a cultipacker smooths the dirt clods, removes air pockets and presses down small stones so when the tractor brings the seeder by, the seeds have a proper seedbed in which to sprout. The tractor also pulls fertilizing equipment and sprayers for insecticides. Depending on the crop, tractors sometimes pull the harvesting equipment when that crop reaches maturity.

A farmer’s job is much harder without a reliable tractor.