4 Signs It Is Time To Clean Your Gutters

A small clog in your home’s gutters can wreak havoc as it allows water to access the walls and roofing of your house. The clog can let water build up and fill the gutter trough, which in turn can send water down to the foundation, inside your siding, and to fill your basement. To avoid these issues, you can look for the following four signs that it may be time to clean your gutters.

Spilling Water

If you notice water spilling over the edge of your gutter like a mysterious waterfall out of nowhere during a rainstorm, call for gutter cleaning Jacksonville FL. Any obstruction that can clog the downspout can also force the water into unwanted areas of your home, especially the basement or crawlspace.

Growing Plants

If you see plants growing out of your gutters, it is a sure sign the tube is filled with enough dirt to support the vegetation. Debris, dirt, and seeds can all scatter during a storm, and when mixed in a wet gutter, the grown can be fabulous. However, the roots can damage your gutters, and the weight can make that section sag. Call a gutter cleaner right away if you see plants growing out of your troughs!

Prancing Pests

Whether it is birds, squirrels, or other pests that you see sitting on or prancing across your rooftop, what they leave behind can quickly clog your gutters. Some animals like to build nests in the secure tubes, while others enjoy bathing in the water filled tubing. Be it nest or bath time feathers, the gutter can become quite clogged by pests and in need of power washing.

Building Debris

If you notice a section of gutter sagging, it is probably filled with debris such as heavy pine needles, twigs, or a wet pest nest. Call in a gutter cleaning team at the first sign of sagging to prevent the tube from detaching and causing more damage to your home.

Add gutter cleaning to your yearly maintenance routine to avoid the four problems listed above. Your wallet will thank you.